Intagent – Incorporating Drip Marketing Solutions in Real Estate Websites

Intagent is now developing realty websites that charter drip marketing solutions, a proven strategy for meeting marketing objectives. The system assists in brand building generating high value sales overtime, enabling the realtors to market their properties well.

Online PR News – 26-November-2013 – Ann Arbor, MI – Ann Arbor, MI, 25 November 2013: Intagent, a renowned developer of realty websites, is now incorporating drip marketing solutions in the websites. Proven to be highly effective in sectors with a long sale cycle such as real estate, it supports in the sale of high-ticket properties which are purchased at infrequent intervals.

“This marketing strategy is designed to send a series of emails to clients over a period of time, enabling the realtors to keep in touch with their customer base without spending a lot of time managing the delivery of mails. It is quite different from database marketing. Drip marketing does help in improving conversion rate,” commented a senior executive with the company.

Drip email marketing can be effectively used for lead generation. It assists in brand building that generates high value sales overtime, reducing the time realtors need to spend marketing their properties. The marketers send several customized promotional pieces over a pre-determined time period to a subset of prospects or customers. The objective is to sustain the buzz to create a positive impact about the business, providing people useful information and gaining their trust.

Rather than attempting to sell in one swoop, the strategy works on the prospects in psychological manner persuading them to buy the properties. As the executive said, “Customers tend to take their time in making a decision on purchasing high value products such as real estate, software and insurance instantly. What they do is to collect information, do proper analysis and purchase from a provider that they find reliable.”

Sustained email campaign on the part of the marketer keeps them interested and reminded. When they finally decide to buy a property, they are likely to contact a realtor who has been constantly in touch with them. For the desired impact, drip marketing campaigns need to be planned carefully factoring in various aspects. The campaign should be shaped to help attain pre-set marketing objectives. Find more at Intagent website about drip email marketing.

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Intagent is a Michigan based company specializing in developing real estate agent websites for realtors. They come up with comprehensive, affordable property websites customized to the unique requirements of the clients. Leveraging its expertise, the company enables clients to harness the web to reap rewards. Intagent websites have all the tools realtors need to attract and manage their customers.

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