JLA reveals a new revolutionary Marine Loading Arm with Zero Emission

JLA Loading Technology revealed a new revolutionary design for Marine Loading Arms

Online PR News – 26-November-2013 – Vlaardingen/ZH – JLA Loading Technology has revealed a new revolutionary design for their Marine Loading Arms. Besides the new design all JLA loading Arms have Zero Emission due to the fact the seals are helium tight. This makes JLA the first loading arm manufacturer in the world who can produce Zero Emission Loading Arms.

JLA is located in the center of the port of Rotterdam and has been active in the field of loading technology for almost 30 years, by doing inspections, breakdown maintenance and complete overhauls. Our major goal has been, and still is, upgrading and improving existing loading arms of all top brands off marine loading arms that are globally active. We made our design, taking in consideration all the feedback from our service department with the technical experience of 30 years upgrading of marine loading arms, the highest reliable in the market.

Our objectives are clear, we manufacture save, reliable, and endurable marine loading arms that are guaranteed for 100% reliability for day to day operations, under the conditions of our maintenance guidelines. We analyzed all known marine loading arm incidents that have taken place during the last 25 years. By doing this we had a clear overview to build a strong and reliable marine loading equipment. A line of products which reduces risks to almost zero and also meets the new environmental rules in regarding to emission.

Our experienced team of engineers are capable to design, manufacture and install customized marine loading arms, hose reels or hose loading arms with in-house knowledge of the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems. We also have the specific know-how and experience to design and manufacture hose towers and marine loading arms as a total jetty concept, and as well as EPC contractor including piping, pumps, fire fighting etc.

With the experience of handling projects with over 20 marine loading arms with QC/DC and ERC but also orders for one manual operated marine loading arm JLA has proven to be a reliable partner for his customers and aiming for long term relationships. JLA has chosen for a basic technical design, simplicity has been the keyword during the design process with the goal to manufacture loading arms that are robust and build for long life cycles with a minimum of scheduled maintenance. JLA loading arms are available for ship-, truck- and rail car loading of fluids and gases.