Alpha Broking Unveils New Website

Melbourne Stock Broking Firm’s Site Shows Functional Layout, User-Friendly Navigation, Rich Content and Resource Pages, Up-to-Date Financial Data, and Additional Features

Online PR News – 01-July-2010 – – Melbourne, VIC / May 25, 2010 – Alpha Equities and Futures (also referred to as “Alpha Broking”), a full-service broking company that specialises in trading: securities, bonds, futures, FX options, warrants, currencies, and a broad range of commodities that include oil and gold trading, have launched their new website this month. Its brand new customer-focused, interactive website displays a clean and user-friendly layout that showcase the company’s commitment to the growing needs of its clients.

The website ( features clean colours of teal and gray, a clean streamlined layout, and a slideshow highlighting Alpha Broking’s service portfolio. Australian stockbrokers have immediate access to the website's major services, including the interactive knowledge centre, online bookstore, and share market-investing seminars.

The website’s features include:

• User-Friendly Navigation – The web pages are user-friendly, making it easier for users to find the information that they are looking for and know where they are within the website. The main page’s on the website incorporate dedicated buttons that link to the website’s service portfolio including its Alpha Premium Portfolio Service and Alpha Trade Alerts.

• Rich Content – The website incorporates rich content in its Knowledge Centre ( This page features free interactive online courses that teach Australian share trading novices and veterans about the basics and fundamentals of stockbroking. All articles, videos, courses and commentary available in the Knowledge Centre also include third-party information from the Australian Stock Exchange. The topics include the following:

o Shares
o Options
o Futures
o Warrants
o CFD’s
o Technical Analysis Resources and,
o Fundamental Analysis Resources

• Resource Pages – Aside from access to online courses, the new website continues Alpha Broking’s commitment to the continuing education for new share investors and experienced stockbrokers with a link to an expansive online financial bookstore ( Strategies and techniques used by the experts are featured in the Core Strategies and in the Trader’s Corner pages. Users can also book a spot in seminars ( presented by John Harrop, the director of Alpha Broking.

• Up-to-Date Financial Data – A separate page ( features key financial quotes and data that are important reference tools for those who want to sell shares or trade in foreign exchange markets. Also included is financial information on common commodity indices such as grains, meats and metals.

• Additional Features – Prominently displayed on the home page is a widget featuring updated financial data that shows world stock market indices, currency exchange rates, and Australian share trading indices. Another important widget embedded in the home page is a Market News RSS that features important developments in the stock market.

Alpha Broking is pleased to announce that users can now sign up the website’s online forms in order to open individual, joint fund, company, company trust, or joint super fund accounts. Sample agreements of the different Alpha Broking account applications are available at

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About Alpha Broking

Alpha Broking is an Australian brokerage firm that specialises in trading a broad range of financial instruments such as securities, bonds, futures, options, warrants, currencies, and commodities. It has a team of professional client advisors with expertise in trading both in local and global markets and providing exceptional service to individuals, companies, corporations, and super-funds.

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