New Orleans Society for Infectious Disease Awareness to Host 5th Annual HIV Awareness Music Project

New Orleans Society for Infectious Disease Awareness to host their annual HIV Awareness Musical Project December 13, as part of an effort to raise awareness about the importance of HIV testing and sexual education in the New Orleans area.

Online PR News – 25-November-2013 – New Orleans, LA – Local nonprofit organization New Orleans Society for Infectious Disease Awareness, Inc. (NOSIDA) recently announced the lineup for the 5th Annual HIV Awareness Music Project (HAMP), which is scheduled for December 13.
This year, NOSIDA will host an exciting evening of local Louisiana music dedicated to increasing HIV awareness in New Orleans. The event, which will take place December 13 at New Orleans’ Howlin' Wolf, will feature a host of remarkable local artists who support NOSIDA's mission through their music. NOSIDA is proud to welcome the following to the stage: Quintron and Miss Pussycat, The Mike Dillon Band, Vox and the Hound,and Les Autres. Doors will open at 8:30 p.m., and show starts at 9 pm.
As with previous years, HAMP 2013 will feature free on-site rapid HIV testing, a prize raffle for charity, and HIV awareness and prevention booths courtesy of the many local HIV service providers that share NOSIDA's commitment and vision.
For information on ticket cost or general information on HAMP 2013, contact NOSIDA at (504) 343-4914

About HAMP

HIV Awareness Music Project is a musical event that is dedicated to raising awareness of HIV in New Orleans and Southern Louisiana.
"We think that music is an effective mechanism to reach out to young people to promote HIV awareness," New Orleans HIV physician and NOSIDA Executive Director MarkAlain Déry stated. Déry, an assistant professor of clinical medicine atTulane University School of Medicine, further added: "Southern Louisiana, including New Orleans and Baton Rouge, is constantly in the top ten cities in the United States for new cases of HIV and AIDS. There are many reasons why Southern Louisiana has been hit so hard with the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Race, poverty and poor education are some of the main drivers for the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Southern Louisiana."
The signature event that differentiates HAMP from other awareness events is the use of artists and other prominent members of the media to perform "mock" HIV testing live, on stage, to demonstrate to the audience how convenient and easy it is to be tested for HIV.
“We use celebrities and media to promote HIV testing,” Dery explained. “The process for getting tested is simple; it requires that a swab be rubbed on your gums for an instant, and the results are back in a matter of minutes. We want artist to do the HIV mock testing on stage because musicians or athletes or media figures are 'cool' and we are hopeful that their fans will copy their idols and get tested themselves."
The revenue generated from HAMP will be used to help fund Dery's HIV clinic, The Tulane T Cell Clinic, a Ryan White recipient that receives funds from the New Orleans Office of Health Policy. The Tulane T Cell Clinic treats all people living with HIV regardless of their insurance, financial, or housing status.
For the third year in a row, Déry, along with other NOSIDA board members, will participate in a 7-day food fast to bring awareness to Louisiana policies that promote an "abstinence-only" curriculum in public schools, despite multiple scientific studies that have shown the abject failure of these policies. Louisiana continues to remain a hotspot for HIV, and the 7-day food fast draws attention to the need for sex education policies that have proven results. According to Dery, a majority of his HIV positive patients that are 21 years and younger have had "no sex education or abstinence only sex education in high school".

About New Orleans Society for Infectious Disease Awareness (NOSIDA)

NOSIDA is committed to raising awareness of HIV/AIDS in Southern Louisiana, through every possible medium. In the last three years, NOSIDA has sponsored five major music events where the artist performed mock HIV testing, and free HIV testing is available on site.
For further information, contact NOSIDA Executive Director MarkAlain Dery at (504) 343-4914, or at