Channel For Spirit returns To The Channel Islands - Almora Unlimited 2010 European Tour

Almora, a spiritual presence channeled by Dellaina van der Leer, will be returning to Europe in August 2010 for another tour featuring many popular events around Europe.

Online PR News – 01-July-2010 – – Almora is an expanded consciousness who is now working in spirit to assist humanity to realise its potential. He identifies very closely with our Sun, as the subtle solar presence is the most essential aspect of life.

The events on this tour will be an amazingly enlightening experience for those that have not experienced the phenomenon of ‘channelling’ before. The art of channelling has existed for many years and even pre-dates a number of current religions. A number of religions have been based on information which has been ‘channelled’ from one source or another. This experience is not based on science, as nothing spiritual, emotional or even religious can be. As Dellaina explains:

“When the channels between the unconscious and conscious minds are opened, the path between thought and action become clear and precise. How we think and feel immediately changes the way that we perform and our therefore our reality. Using this method, Almora brings clarity, healing, expansion, and significant shifts in the awareness of participants’

Almora Unlimited usually facilitates events for people to meet Almora around New Zealand, however during the 2010 European tour public events will be hosted at St Helier, St Aubins & St Peter on the Island of Jersey in the Channel Islands, and in Glastonbury, UK. Tour dates are as follows:

Living In The Light with Almora –Channelling Evening (Friday 23rd July from 8 – 10pm)
Opening Your Magic Box Workshop – Workshop with Almora (Saturday 14th August 2010)

United Kingdom:
Wise Women Return To Avalon with Dellaina – Sacred Sites Tour (22nd-29th August)

Dellaina & Almora will also be offering a very limited number of personal consultations during their visit.

The Almora Unlimited organisation advocates a ground breaking non-evasive technique of personal development, the underlying basis of this being the understanding that only by supporting the unlayering of the mind, body and spirit can we move into dealing with the root cause (and not the symptoms) of any physical or emotional ailment.

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