Lloyd Industries Introduces BackDraft Dampers for Better Indoor Air

The unhealthy and foul smelling air from indoors must be thrown out fast so that comfort and health of the occupants do not get compromised.

Online PR News – 23-November-2013 – Montgomeryville - Pennsylvania – Quality Living is very important for all of us. We all want to live in a place that is healthy and comfortable for us. Lloyd Industries Inc has been serving the customers with their premium quality HVAC products and other ventilation systems and has earned the trust from a large mass of people not only in the USA or Canada but across the globe. “We know what our customers look for and we are always ready to serve them more than what they expect. Our experience and expertise in the ventilation and HVAC industry has helped us to design easy-to-install and cost-effective products for our diverse customers”, says CEO of Lloyd Industries.

“Lloyd Industries Inc has been known for its wide selection of products, high standards, prompt delivery and fast customer support. All our products are checked for quality at Underwrites Laboratories and we believe in long term relationship with our clients thus leave no stone unturned to ensure high quality products and services are offered to our customers all across the world”, states CEO, Lloyds Industries Inc.

The unhealthy and foul smelling air from indoors must be thrown out fast so that comfort and health of the occupants do not get compromised. It is important that right device is chosen to do so. BackDraft Dampers designed by us throws out the polluted and unhealthy air from the indoors and prevents the backflow of air from outside. Kitchens, attics etc are some places in the house where air inside the room is very hot and must be thrown out. BackDraft Dampers are the right device to perform the work. Wide varieties of dampers are available and each one of them has a different work mechanism. The dampers could work on springs or they could work on spring mechanism. Whatever is the mode of working the desired outcome is to freshen up the air of indoors and each of these dampers is designed to perform this.

“Though we have many clients all over the USA and Canada, we have also spread ourselves in the other parts of the world. We have started our operations in Asia as well as Middle East”. Dubai, China, Taiwan in the continent of Asia and Lebanon, Iraq etc in Middle East are the places where we have started our operations and have been successfully reaching clients with our quality products and services, “states CEO Lloyd Industries Inc.

Not only the HVAC systems and dampers but our company has been providing effective Fire safety systems to ensure less or no injuries are there in case of sudden outbreak of fire. Dedication and commitment of the Lloyd Industries remains the same and it is trying to improve its services and product qualities to exceed the expectations of the clients. Log on to www.firedamper.com for more.