Online PR News – 23-November-2013 – USA – Tate Music Group has been a leading music company in the entertainment industry. With wonderful and talented acts hitting all around the world and now with their new act Exodus Swift. A gospel rap artist, producer, and award winning poet. Exodus Swift may have not always been a clean cut gospel artist or Christian. He was born and raised in Detroit Mi. He was a troubled teen that experienced heart break, he also attempted suicide several times, he was hospitalized several times, he also was in and out of the legal system as a teen and also as a young adult. He would record a secular rap album that he released through his independent label Smoke Entertainment. It got him noticed by Sonic Wave Entertainment who offered him a recording deal, yet after he signed with them. He would experience a great depression, he was struck by a vehicle which broke his leg in three different places. He also plunged back into suicidal behavior attempting suicide again by taking over three hundred pills, outside of his home church. He was found by his friends who was able to keep him awake partially until the paramedics arrived. He was then hospitalized again. During his hospitalization he gave his life to God. Upon his release from the hospital he walked away from his secular deal and began to write Christian poetry. He would go on to win over ten awards in poetry, he would also release several poetry books within the next years. Although he was hitting with his poetry, he still had his passion for music. H decided to pursue gospel rap, releasing ten underground gospel rap albums. He still wanted to reach a wider range audience, he wanted a bigger platform for his music to be heard. That blessing came when Tate Music Group signed him. With his debut release “I am Not A Sinner” and his next two follow projects already recorded and set to be released. Exodus Swift has shown that he is here to stay. I’ve listened to some of his mix tapes which he still releases on top of his main stream releases. I admit, his music has meaning, it is powerful, and it makes you think. This is the type of artist I Like. If I had to compare, I would compare Exodus Swift to Eminem. In my book, Exodus Swift poetical swag and hard lyrics along with producing skills and talent, makes him a top competitor in the gospel industry. This is definitely an artist to be out on the lookout for.