ShutApp Introduced By Fusion Informatics to Improve Business Efficiency

With ShutApp define multiple profile can be defined. You can select different services/apps which are installed on the device to be turned to silent.

Online PR News – 23-November-2013 – Ahmedabad, Gujarat – Conducting business, contacting partners, being in touch with clients and many others are some of the important activities to be carried out by business men. Their day is usually carried out with their multi-tasking skills. While they are at office managing the problems of their suppliers and employees, they also need to give timely information to their clients. Even when they are busy performing their tasks or attending meetings and conferences, they need to remain in touch with their other clients. In the present times, smart phone is the best way to remain in touch with their clients, suppliers and business partners. They often communicate through messages via Facebook, Live messenger, Whats app etc. While this is a very useful feature of smart phone that it conveys you the messages instantly yet it can be very disturbing when you are attending business meetings with important clients. To help business men find the right balance, Fusion Informatics has introduced a novel and unique application that can help business men in enhancing their business efficiency.

Prior to proceeding to a meeting or conference all they need to do is just switch the ShutApp on and all the apps they have selected in it will go on silent mode. This app also offers geofencing using which you can specify a certain area in which you don’t want your phone to ring or send notification sounds.

Following are the tasks that can be performed using ShutApp:

• With ShutApp define multiple profile can be defined. You can select different services/apps which are installed on the device to be turned to silent.

• You can define multiple address/region or range like office, theatre, hospital, movie cinema etc. When you enter the radii of these locations a preselected profile will be activated automatically. This eliminates the need to manually turning the profile to silent when at specified locations. This can save a great deal of time if you have a number of apps. Once you exit from these areas your normal phone profile will get activated.

• You can specify a driving speed limit. When your car exceeds this predefined limit, ShutApp automatically turns selected profile on and turns your phone to silent for selected apps including phone, message, Email, social apps which may disturb your attention.

• It brings down the factors of distraction while driving and walking.

• Increases the reaction time and increases your walking speed

• You can set the Auto enable SMS so that when you receive a call while driving the caller will be sent a predefined message.

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