Facial Recognition Websource for Disaster Victims in Work

"Where is My Family" is developing facial recognition websource which acts as a service to match / identify those alive, dead or missing with family after a major disaster. Indiegogo Campaign.

Online PR News – 22-November-2013 – Subic Zambales – There seems to be a distinct increase in both the frequency and severity of global disasters. Typhoon Haiyan set new records for storm intensity and left a countless number of victims in its wake.

After these destructive natural disasters finish with an area, its hard to tell where you are as all the landmarks are gone. Bodies may be moved far away from where they originated. There are often no family or friends in the area who know exactly what happened to whom, they were fighting for their own lives or became casualties themselves.

Many survivors are moved to aide stations and tent cities and the only ones with communications (phone, internet or satellite access) are the emergency responders.

In the mean time relatives within the nation and across the globe can do nothing but wait and hope for the best. All too often, they never get the answers to the ever important question, "where is my family"? When there are hundreds of casualties, as in the Philippines with Super Typhoon Haiyan, the only recourse to prevent spread of disease from so many dead is to have mass burials of nameless victims.

Our indiegogo campaign is meant to help provide the answer. Our project will develop a websource (my term: web based resource) which will allow for first and second responders to capture facial images as recoveries are made of both the living and dead. This will be inputted into the main websource database and matched against images submitted by concerned family. This will help reunite those in tent cities and provide closure for families of victims.

The project is divided into two phases. The first is the development of the websource and related websites and the second adds face directories and enhanced equipment such as cameras in tent cities and camera head gear as worn by U.S. Soldiers. This headgear can capture facial images up to 45' away in the case of Soldiers and will alleviate the need to pose those rescued for phone camera pictures. We already see its effectiveness in crowds and airports, its just a matter of purposing the technologies for disaster response.

This of course won't be 100% effective, but its a step in the direction we should be heading. At the rate of mega disasters, we need this type of technology more than ever.

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