Effective Interview Coaching Courses Introduced in London by Business Training Direct

Business Training Direct Launches New Professional Interview Coaching Courses

Online PR News – 22-November-2013 – Nov 22, 2013, UK – Business Training Direct introduces professional interview training to individuals and groups to overcome the irrational fear of facing interviews. The interview one2one coaching sessions have been specifically designed to address the individual needs of the delegate. With the newly launched course material from Business Training Direct, prospective interviewees will be able to understand how to present themselves positively when facing interviews.

The principle trainer at Business Training Direct said, “We provide each trainee with superb quality interview coaching through a specially designed interview model. We spend time understanding and collating the needs and requirements of every delegate and the vacancy, before creating the interview training programme. Our interview training is based on years of experience to ensure that many different aspects and scenarios are covered. Our mock interviews are realistic and also help identify areas that we can work to improve. Course members benefit from the interactive discussions, the video playback and the depth of knowledge that we bring to each coaching session.”

With the newly updated interview coaching courses, clients will get leading edge coaching and advice. A combination of improved speaking skills, being better equipped to answer questions appropriately and identification of a range of techniques that will help the client prepare for the interview will ensure that they approach any forthcoming interview with a real sense of confidence. This will portray them in the best light in comparison with those who have not invested in themselves in the same way.

The professional trainers are well qualified to meet the training needs of trainees, and experienced enough to adjust the content to suit individuals. At Business Training Direct, the trainers work hard to ensure that everything is geared to the immediate success of the interview. Everything is covered as required from body language, speaking skills, and of course interview answers. The skilled trainers enjoy working with people and sharing in their successes. The coaching is constantly reviewed and updated in the light of feedback to ensure it remains relevant and effective.


Martha – I had this huge fear of speaking and presenting myself well at interviews. This fear had always prevented me from doing well and affected the outcome of my interviews. I learnt how it feels to fail in the interview! Business Training Direct helped me to change my approach to the interview. Now, I face the interviews with confidence and a much better understanding of what I need to do in order to get the job. My thanks to Business Training Direct for all your support.

About: Business Training Direct is a leading professional company engaged in professional interview coaching in UK. The company provides custom designed interview coaching courses in London and helps interviewees to prepare for different types of interviews. Each of the interview training courses is designed around the needs of the client and this will help them with specific interviews. The trainer will have studied all adverts, person and job specifications in order to create a realistic and personal coaching outline. The result is that Business Training Direct provide the best possible help to increase the likelihood of success at the interview. The trainers are friendly, interactive and make it easy to share past experiences that identify areas that need extra attention. Very few companies can offer this type of training and Business Training Direct leads the field.

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