IdeaKloud Brings A New Project, To Automate Infographic Designing

: IdeaKloud who keeps developing creative and innovative ideas are in the workspace of their new software tool. The company announces ‘’, a novel tool to automate infographics creation.

Online PR News – 22-November-2013 – americca – Infographics are great to visually represent complex data or knowledge in a clear and quick way. People prefer data to be visually represented, for the ease of understanding. Infographics are becoming more and more useful to market products, for campaigning, awareness programs, and for branding businesses. The popularity of infographics has increased greatly with the rise of social media. In this peak situation as an alternative for designing new infographics, IdeaKloud announces their new project “”.
Designing an Infographic is not a simple task. It needs some designing, graphical as well as technical skills. To make the Infographic designing easier, IdeaKloud comes forward with their new infographics application, “” to allow people to edit and customize the infographic templates to create new ones in their own styles. The templates can be dragged and dropped as per their requirement and user choice. Anyone can design new Infographics using the, without the help of expert developers. No need of any technical as well as the graphical skills is the factor which makes the tool different from other available tools in the market.
Mervik Haums, who brings this idea of easy infographics already shows his affinity towards Infographics by creating an outstanding Infographics community in Google+. The community helps people to learn how to create an infographic and optimize them to promote their business. The company confirms that the beta version of the “” will be available first to the members of Infographics Plus community. The “” tool is meant to help the marketers to promote their products with the help of Infographics.
Mervik Haums said that: “ is being developed to help everyone who would like to have an infographic to promote something. Even newbies can create professional and creative designs using the infographics creator with zero graphical skills. Now the is in the developing stage and will be released within two to three weeks. Let be ready to experience the new version of marketing with the Infographics.” Detailed information and properties of can be found at their website