Fat Box Introduces New Still Photo and Graphic Technology

Mixing still photos and other standalone graphics in with moving film is a technique that some filmmakers never master.

Online PR News – 22-November-2013 – Laguna Beach, California – Laguna Beach, California – Fat Box, located on the web at www.fatbox.com has created more than 1,000 films on over 100 projects since 1995. During that time, the artists that work with video production services in Orange County have seen the film industry come almost completely full circle regarding the preference for still photo and graphics. While 1995 standards dictated that still photography be incorporated into video production services, the results were often stilted and artificial.

Today’s video production companies have much better technology available for incorporating still photography, computer-generated graphics and other models into a moving film. Corporate or scientific videos, for example, can include “moving” or “growing” charts, pictures or models that help viewers visualize abstract or difficult concepts. In order to incorporate these types of visual aids, Fat Box artists may use still photos and computer-generated graphics to create them.

Any promotional video production may be enhanced with the use of still photos and graphic technology. Unfortunately, many video production companies in Orange County do not have the technical know-how or the right equipment to work with these types of additions to a film successfully. Fat Box has been working in promotional video production in Orange County for many years and has been successful in creating unique and beautiful examples of how still photo and graphic technology can be incorporated into movies and video products.

For customers looking for the latest technological and customer-oriented know how and service, Fat Box can deliver. With a wide range of video production services in Orange County, Fat Box is ready to work with customers to create the perfect corporate or personal video productions that incorporate both moving and still photographic and artistic techniques.

About Fat Box:

Fat Box has been producing quality video and graphics since 1995 for customers throughout the Orange County area and around the world. Fat Box professionals take pride in producing some of the greatest video projects made today, including both 2D and 3D filming, animation and the incorporation of still and graphic photography into unique and artistic productions.

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