Newly-Revamped AntiVirus App Set to Take on Threats to Android Smartphones

Secure AntiVirus for Android! has emerged from a recent update with better virus and malware detection and elimination capabilities

Online PR News – 21-November-2013 – Naples, Florida – The creators of Secure AntiVirus for Android! App, announced today the latest update to their app, available on the Google Play store.

The updated version has enhanced mobile threat detection scanning, increasing its ability to protect users from the thousands of threats that bombard Android users daily. It will also help users whose smartphones have already been infected eliminate the harmful programs.

This is a serious issue. Experts have already detected more than one million malware, trojans, viruses and other threats will hit Android so far in 2013. They've been downloaded by unsuspecting users who then find that hackers can send text messages and place calls (often at great cost to the user), steal text messages and photos, and collect sensitive financial and personal data.

These malicious programs take the form of apps, like games, but also “piggyback” on legit apps without the creator's knowledge.

Android's ability to let a user download any program to their phone is cited by experts as a main reason the operating system is subject to more than 90% of the malicious programs on mobile devices. Often these programs pose as legitimate, with many even appearing for download on the Android app marketplace, known as Google Play.

The inherent flaws in the Android operating system can't be corrected. But individual users can take steps to avoid trouble. A program like Secure AntiVirus for Android! will scan your phone for malware and viruses already on your device and eliminate them. And, because it is constantly updated to account for new malicious programs, it will act as a shield from future attacks.

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