PorchLight Rental Service Identifies Five Challenges Companies Face While Relocating Employees

Relocation Firm Researches Unforeseen Issues Employees and Their Employers Experience

Online PR News – 20-November-2013 – CLEVELAND, OHIO – CLEVELAND, OHIO – PorchLight rental service, a leading relocation assistance firm that specializes in finding rental properties and providing destination services for renters, revealed five challenges companies encounter while relocating employees. The relocation firm identified the top five challenges for employers as: 1. Loss of productivity due to the stress from moving. 2. Retaining employees after a stressful move. 3. Temporary housing extensions. 4. The extensive process with multiple trips back and forth. 5. Drop in morale that affects the entire department.

Without proper help and planning, relocating is exponentially more costly and stress inducing,” said Diane Ayres, President and founding partner at PorchLight Rental Service. “In order to offer helpful and successful relocation assistance, we took a strong interest in identifying the challenges employees go through.”

PorchLight Rental Service surmised their findings from assisting employers in many relocations in small and large corporations and individual renters. The relocation firm found lowered productivity in employees from the stress of trying to find a rental property. Absence and anxiety led to less work completed. In addition, it also affected the entire department’s productivity and lowered morale.

The challenge of temporary housing extensions created a sense of unease and restlessness in the relocating employee. Even after finding a home or apartment, employees are often required to make several trips back and forth between new and former cities, creating more stress for the individual. Companies bare the brunt of the fifth challenge of retaining employees after stressful moves.

“In order to better suit companies and individuals in their search for a rental property, we’ve devised services and assistance to help with the stress of the process,” said Ayres. “In addition to easier relocations, our services are cost-effective. Employees remain content throughout the process and employers need not to worry about the costs associated with temporary housing extensions or reduced employee productivity.”

For more information on the relocation assistance PorchLight Rental Service provides to combat these challenges, visit www.PorchLightRental.com.

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PorchLight Rental Service is a specialized relocation firm that provides customized, national rental assistance and destination relocation services for employers, relocation firms and individual consumers. PorchLight works within the stipulations of relocation policies to quickly find transferees a long term rental. By reducing the number of days in temporary housing, the company creates significant cost savings for employers. Since 2003, the firm has served companies in the US and Canada in providing unbiased rental options, quality local information and continued support until the rental is complete. For more information, call 888-622-4325 or visit their website at www.PorchLightRental.com.

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