Meet the new Android app - Freeje!

Freeje company has published the same-name Android app on Google Play store. The application allows you to connect virtual phone numbers of more than 80 countries to your Android tablet or smartph

Online PR News – 21-November-2013 – Warshaw – It’s commonly known that mobile devices which support more than one sim-card are becoming more and more popular as they allow to have more than one number on a device at the same time.
The new Freeje Android app has been placed in Google Play store! It allows you to use practically infinitive amount of phone numbers on your Android device depending on the country the device is located in, and not 1 or 2 phone numbers as you did before.
The number can be chosen from the impressive list of more than 80 countries. You can manage call processing directly from the application!
The virtual numbers can be handled, practically, like the usual fixed ( land-line) numbers: make and receive calls, including calls to other countries; use voicemail; route incoming calls to other number(s) or Skype.
In addition , Freeje will be useful when you travel to another country - unlike the roaming and travel sim- cards , you can communicate with your family for reasonable price - application will select the most convenient way for the user to make calls in any country automatically, including countries where Skype is forbidden.
There is also an ability to test in-application functions - you will get U.S number and international non-geographic telephone number iNum (international Number) after completing registration. A little bonus won't be superfluous - you can make a few test calls for free.

Freeje company has been engaged in the development of innovative services for mobile platforms since 2007. In the nearest future we plan to add some new services such as : secure connection and high-quality codecs for voice transmis