Benzo Fury - What is it ?

Dont get scammed!

Online PR News – 30-June-2010 – – "Benzo Fury" - the very name conjures up contradictory images of angry researchers experimenting with powerful anxiolytic compounds in their labs.

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. "Benzo Fury" is actually the brand name of a new research chemical called 6-APB or 1-(benzofuran-6-yl)propan-2-amine.

Some vendors are marketing a slightly different compound, 6-APDB - 6-(2-Aminopropyl)-2,3-dihydrobenzofuran.

6-APDB could be argued that it falls under the misuse of drugs act, be very careful if buying from non authorised vendors.

To ensure satisfaction in your laboratory experiments with 6-APB then we recommend you buy benzo fury from official authorized distributors like us.

With 6-APB | Benzo Fury only days away, the scammers and dodgy vendors have gone into overdrive in anticipation of making easy money by cheating the unwary and the impatient!

Whilst so many researchers are keen to buy 6-APB | or buy Benzo Fury, they must be patient. This compound is the initiative of a European laboratory and represents many months of hard work and expensive R&D to produce a pure and viable substance. There are very few websites with access to the official supply chain. Ultimately other laboratories and vendors may catch up, but in the meantime these are the key signs to look out for to spot a suspect vendor:

- Anyone selling 6-APDB within the next three or four weeks is almost certainly a scammer. They are basically jumping on the 6-APB band wagon, mistakenly identifying the incorrect Benzo Fury compound. Ask yourself why they haven't sent out free samples to the community like the 6-APB official vendors have done.

- Anyone selling 6-APB in powder form is very suspect - 6-APB is only available in pellet format for the foreseeable future. If a vendor is selling it in powder form, most likely they're getting rid of their "n-cat" or other junk on the sly, or they're selling 6-APB sample stock which they acquired for FREE from the originating lab - we have heard of at least one anecdotal incidence of the latter - cheap, pathetic behavior.

- In more general terms, if a site purporting to sell 6-APB or indeed any RC doesn't provide proper business identification details - i.e. at least a mobile phone number, or a company registration number, a VAT registration number or a registered business address clearly displayed, then this does raise questions. Why would a legitimate vendor be shy about communicating with their customers and paying their taxes, rather than hiding behind HTML contact forms?

We should add that of course any site exhibiting any of the above attributes isn't necessarily unreputable, and may well be an honest and reliable business... but please be careful. The RC industry is in rapid expansion and particularly with 6-APB | Benzo Fury being the most interesting RC in several years, the vultures are circling!