Pentalift Introduces New Solar Powered Scissor Lifts Based Dock Leveler

Pentalift Equipments Corporation, a leading manufacturer of scissor lifts based material handling equipments has recently launched its new solar power based dock leveler. This Ontario based company is a well-renowned name in material handling equipments like loading dock and lift table products.

Online PR News – 30-June-2010 – – Pentalift Equipment Corporation, an Ontario, Canada, based company is one of the largest manufacturer of lift tables, loading dock equipment and positioning equipment in North America. Established in 1983 by Arne Pedersen, the company has gained global recognition and reputation for the design, engineering and manufacturing of lift tables in its 27 years of existence. It has two divisions: loading dock and lift table divisions. All its equipments make use of the different types of scissor lifts.

A scissor lift has three primary components: the platform, the base assembly and in between the two, the scissors legs. These are usually operated in three ways. First, it can make use of the pneumatics, or, the air filled bags, to move up or down. Secondly, it can also be based on hydraulics. And, it can come in the ‘self-positioning’ variant which automatically lowers down when weight is added and rises when the weight is lifted. Similarly, these also come as double scissor lift or multiple scissors lifts to elevate to greater heights. The company produces the scissor lifts to cater to the weight requirements of 200lbs to 120000 lbs.

The company makes complete range of the scissor lifts based dock levelers, dock seals and shelters, elevating dock lifts, edge of docks and vehicle restrainers. The products can be had in the hydraulic or the pneumatic versions. The company has made a first in the dock leveler category by developing the first solar powered leveler which it has got registered as a trademark, SolarDock™. In the lift table category, the company provides the tilting, rotating and even the customized tables.

Pentalift also provides hydraulic conversion kits, dock bumpers, weather seal, dock lights, dock communication systems and wheel chocks. The company specializes in repairs and maintenance works, installation of scissor lifts equipments and preventive maintenance programs for their correct installation and use.

After-sales service is of great importance in any business and more so in the engineering goods industry. The company’s service department provides after-sales, on-the-site service from the factory trained technicians within a limited area covering the GTA and southern Ontario regions. This region is also shown on the website of the company. For services outside this area, the buyer needs to contact the distributors.

The company is committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety norms and seeks to promote the occupational and workplace safety through its well designed and engineered scissor lifts products. The website of the company also features the photo gallery and videos related to the products and slide presentations of the dock design and factors duly considered in making these products. These audio-visual aids describe the company and its products in detail. It also contains resources for the benefit of the architects who design according to the specifications. The blog section of the site informs the visitors about the latest happenings in the company and in the industry. One can know about the new products introduced by the company in this section.

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