Fusco Browne Sponsor the Female Artist in “Music & Arts” Award Ceremony

“Female Music Artist of the Year Category 2013” Sponsored by Fusco Browne

Online PR News – 20-November-2013 – Nov 20, 2013, UK – It is matter of pride and immense recognition when Fusco Browne sponsored ‘Female Music Artist of the Year Category 2013.” It was the heart touching occasion of "Zimbabwe Music & Arts Awards UK 2013.” ZIMAA UK awards are based on public nomination and categorised in several domains such as Music, Film, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Promotions and Media & Broadcasting.

The award ceremony is backed by concerted efforts undertaken by dedicated participation from individuals and organisations. ZIMAA Awards has the right to classify whether the nominee or his/her work meets the criteria for awards. The pre-requisite for selection to ZIMAA awards is that nominee should be a Zimbabwean by birth, descent or naturalization. The work created by artist or the art work itself should be in UK.

Talking on this occasion, Margaret Fusco, the founder and owner of Fusco Browne said, “I feel excited to sponsor the female artist and her work of art. It is great moment of applause for us. I am a Zimbabwean, and have personal attachment with this award. At this moment, I cannot tell how it feels. On behalf of Fusco Browne, I wish the female artist good luck.”

Fusco Browne has nominated the female artist in the category of music. It is one category of performing arts that exemplifies personification of self. Associating with prestigious ZIMAA Awards UK is a moment of great living for everyone at Fusco Browne.

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For more information on Fusco Browne’s ZIMAA participation, click on: http://www.zimaa.co.uk/index.php/sponsors

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