Braahmam Releases Its First Monthly Infotainment E-Newsletter

Braahmam recently released its first infotainment e-Newsletter. The monthly newsletter will explore new areas of world Culture, Languages, Festivals and many fun topics which will entertain its readers and give a completely new insight in world culture.

Online PR News – 20-November-2013 – Noida, Delhi-NCR – Braahmam Net Solutions Pvt. Ltd. recently launched its first newsletter as part of monthly infotainment e-newsletter series. This monthly newsletter will be an amalgamation of information and fun-facts related to world Culture, Languages, Festivals, Holidays, Food and many other interesting topics and areas. Apart from these topics, it will also contain humorous anecdotes, cartoon strips, and important dates for various events from time to time.
"True localization can only be possible when we blend languages with local knowledge and learn to respect each other the way things are and enjoy them. We have painstakingly made an effort to make reading our newsletter an enjoyable experience for our readers,” said Biraj Rath, CEO, Braahmam.
He has aptly mentioned that it is the responsibility of larger companies and organizations to preserve and keep alive dying and long lost cultures, languages and customs through pertinent mediums and channels. Braahmam has comprehended this need and its monthly newsletter is a small step towards this bigger endeavor. This initiative from Braahmam will become a vital instrument for the Localization industry in understanding cultures and customs of different countries and regions, and will bring people closer to diverse cultures and heritages.
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