SOS Releases SOS Email Xpress, Automates Delivery of Participant Stock Plan Communications

First-to-market program allows companies to transmit information including ESPP, RSU vesting, year-end summaries via email; is major step towards paperless stock plan management

Online PR News – 13-August-2009 – – Stock & Option Solutions, a leading provider of stock plan administration, management and consulting services, has announced the release of their SOS Email XPress program. SOS Email XPress is a multi-functional program which allows companies to automate the email delivery of a number of stock plan communications. The customizable emails which the program generates can contain information pertaining to participant confirmation of stock purchases and restricted stock & restricted stock unit releases, as well as pre-vest communications, disposition surveys, year-end tax summaries, option & award summaries, and new grant notices.

The program is designed to be integrated with existing stock plan administration platforms, and retrieves the data necessary to populate the customized participant emails. SOS Email Xpress was developed in response to client demands for a more efficient and cost-effective means of delivering the required participant communications . While it was specifically built to meet client needs around the delivery of restricted stock release and ESPP purchase information, its technological framework was designed to be adaptable to a wide variety of potential participant communication needs.

”Paper delivery of confirmations, statements, and other participant communications adds countless hour of time, unnecessary expense and needless risk to efficient stock plan management” says Elizabeth Dodge, VP, Product Management. “SOS Email Xpress automates the process and fills a critical need in the stock plan management marketplace.”

Previously, most companies with tax, vesting, year-end, and other equity compensation-related information which needed to be delivered to their participants had printed and mailed these documents, or emailed them one by one. This process was costly, time-consuming, and put companies at substantial risk of sending sensitive information to the wrong employee as a result of human error. SOS Email Xpress allows companies to e-deliver information with a few clicks of a mouse, and also now gives them the ability to send information instantly to hundreds or thousands of participants while reducing costs.

“We’re excited about delivering another solution to the equity compensation marketplace, especially one that so perfectly fits our business model and strategic vision of providing resources and technological solutions which fill the gaps in our clients’ stock programs,” said Sean Lembree, CEO of SOS. “Beyond the obvious easing of the significant administrative burden of the stock plan team, we also see SOS Email Xpress fitting nicely into our clients’ broader corporate initiatives, including cost-cutting, and leaving a much smaller environmental footprint by going paperless wherever possible.”

To see a demonstration of SOS Email Xpress, visit our website at to register for a free webcast demonstration.

For further details on SOS Email Xpress, or more information about Stock & Option Solutions, Inc. please contact, Elizabeth Dodge, at or 408-979-8700.

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