Nicholas Partington’s company offers homeowners one call that does it all,from damage mitigation and insurance claims management to restoration and design.

Online PR News – 20-November-2013 – Boynton Beach, FL – Boynton Beach, FL-South Floridians afflicted by home emergencies can now put their faith in a new troupe of home “Wingmen,” thanks to Home Angels by NeoForm, launching this winter. This one-stop service for home damage remediation provides comprehensive services including 24/7, on-call damage response and mitigation; insurance claims management; total home renovation; and interior design. Whether the source of damage is fire, water, wind or mold, the company’s team of expert specialists will handle it. Founded by CEO Nicholas Partington, Home Angels by NeoForm leverages years of general contracting and insurance adjusting experience to assist customers of all income levels from beginning to end in a seamless, painless and ethical manner.

“We understand that a person’s home is not only a huge financial investment, it’s their private sanctuary,” says Partington. “When something happens to your home, your whole life is affected. The average resident has no idea what damage is covered by their insurance. We will be your trusted advisors to navigate you through the intricacies of damage remediation, including which home damage expenses you should be reimbursed for. At Home Angels by NeoForm, we will work quickly and fairly to restore your home and your lifestyle.”

With the experience and contacts of Partington’s parent company, NeoForm, a leader in claims management, Home Angels by NeoForm seeks to build trust and rapport with customers in an industry that frequently leaves homeowners feeling vulnerable, confused and—oftentimes—wronged.

“We truly care for our clients,” says CFO Frankie Soriano. “Our industry has become saturated with players that are just trying to make a quick buck. Home Angels by NeoForm comes from a different philosophy.”

Home Angels by NeoForm’s extensive scope of services starts the moment home disaster strikes. With Call an Angel, the home emergency hotline available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, homeowners can make one call to take care of it all, from leaky plumbing to kitchen fires to A/C issues. Home Angels by NeoForm will immediately dispatch their Wingmen, first responder specialists who will assess and mitigate the damage. The hotline is also available to homeowners as a free resource for property damage consultation and concerns.

When damage has occurred, Home Angels by NeoForm’s experienced claims agents liaise between the homeowner and the insurance company, handling everything from policy review to filing claims. They’re well versed in the insurance process and help homeowners navigate the red tape to get justly compensated for the necessary construction costs.

For buildings needing restoration, Home Angels by NeoForm has project managers who work closely with clients to design the rebuild (including 3D drafts) and establish a timeline. Plus, the company’s 800-square-foot showroom offers the latest styles of tile, flooring and cabinetry.

“We keep our clients’ needs at the center of our focus and hold their hands through the entire cumbersome process,” Partington says.

The Halo Network comprises the expansive team of specialists who, together, help restore customers’ homes and lives, from the dispatchers of the Call an Angel hotline to the first responder Wingmen to the extensive team of repair, renovation, construction and design experts.

This network of knowledgeable, dependable contacts has been carefully developed over time through Partington’s years in the construction and insurance industries. He started working in the construction industry at age 15 and attended the University of Central Florida to earn a business degree while simultaneously obtaining a Florida All-Lines Adjuster License. During college, Partington began representing property owners in residential and commercial property losses.

“In the three years of adjusting being my main focus, I handled and negotiated over $3 million worth of total insurance payouts,” he says. “From there, I wanted to become a bigger asset to homeowners, and I wanted to take their property from a damaged state back to their dream home.”

He founded restoration company NeoForm in 2010 and is now launching Home Angels by NeoForm as a consumer-facing division of that parent company. Home Angels by NeoForm is available to homeowners in Palm Beach and Broward counties. For more information, or to reach the hotline, call 855-938-2374.

About Home Angels by NeoForm
Home Angels by NeoForm, your home emergency Wingmen, is the one call that takes care of it all for home or property damage in South Florida. The Halo Network is an extensive team of trusted experts in the areas of damage mitigation, insurance claims, home repair and design. When disaster strikes, the Wingmen respond to emergency calls placed on the 24/7 Call an Angel hotline. Experienced claims agents act as liaisons with insurance companies to clarify the process and make sure homeowners get justly compensated for the necessary construction costs. Restoration and design specialists work hand in hand with customers to ensure their homes return to pre-disaster state—or better—in a reasonable amount of time. Home Angels by NeoForm holds homeowners’ hands throughout the entire process, from disaster to dream home.