Innovative Company Launch Revolutionary New Way Of Surfing The Web, You Just Click And Go!

A forward thinking team have used their online expertise to design and develop an innovative new way to search the web, through a comprehensive search engine designed to allow anybody to easily access online content.

Online PR News – 20-November-2013 – London – The brand new 'BeNosey' browser is a revolutionary platform which provides a means to access online content and search the conventional web without having to get to grips with tricky technology and without the need for excessive typing. The new search engine is ideal for anyone who is unfamiliar to the Internet, uncomfortable with confusing technology and also a fantastic resource for web users who suffer with dyslexia.

'BeNosey' offers a simpler alternative to most generic, well known search engines. Most searching can be done with the click of a button, meaning that there is no need to type in specific searches or web addresses when a user needs to find something on the net. The 'BeNosey' homepage is organised using a series of large icons for popular searches and online stores, meaning that users only need to find the icon which matches their search requirements and click the button to take them directly to the site. This bypasses having to type in anything into a search bar, which can prove tricky to those who are not confident with using the Internet or for those who find literacy challenging at times.

As well as the various icons which can be selected from the 'BeNosey' homepage, users can find what they're looking for by clicking on one of the search categories clearly depicted on the site. This will then take them to a second page which contains a number of popular searches which match that category. During this whole process, no typing has had to take place whatsoever – a refreshing alternative the way in which conventional commercial search engines are used.

A unique feature on the 'BeNosey' search homepage its constant newsfeed. Daily headlines are projected across the screen so that if they are of interest to the site's visitors, they can click the headline to read the article. There is also a 'paper' search button which will take a user to their preferred newspaper's website. If it's celebrities a customer wants to search for, there is a whole section on the homepage which displays pictures of popular and current celebrities. A simple click later and the user will be taken directly to that celebrity's fan-site.

An even bigger hit with BeNosey's visitors is its customisation option for all of its members. If users sign up for a free account, they will have full design customisation over their homepage, from choosing a colour scheme to selecting the specific search icons which match their needs. For example, a visitor who uses the Internet mainly for online shopping could choose to select icons for their favourite online stores to be displayed on their homepage, meaning that their favourite shops are available to visit at the click of a button.

BeNosey has been created by a team of web experts to revolutionise the way in which people search the Internet. They have created an easy-to-use, visual search engine which appeals to all and is accessible to all. To start using BeNosey today, visit the official homepage at or