New Website Launches to Expose Dating Frauds and Scams

FishyDate is a new site that helps identify dating frauds and scams

Online PR News – 19-November-2013 – Montreal, Quebec – Something smell fishy? One in ten online dating profiles are fake as found in various online dating studies. Fishydate quickly identifies fraudsters and online dating scams. Increasing use of fraudulent information to lure singles into scams is a growing law enforcement issue. The problem of scammers and imposters is becoming so widespread that authorities, and even the post office, are warning singles to beware.

Fishydate is an easy to use, simple to access website that singles tap to identify the bad fish. A number of telltale signs are highlighted and Fishydate has done the research to indicate when a red flag should be raised. Visitors to the site have full access to search tools and direct links to names and profiles of individuals, websites and organizations posing as singles who are actually fraudsters. Oftentimes these scammers will steal other people’s identities, information and photographs to appear legitimate.

Simple tools that every person with any degree of computer proficiency can use will tell members immediately whether a profile is real or fake. The site offers excellent tips and information about online dating safety. Fishydate creates a sense of community with its visitors by providing an opportunity for them to be part of a community that shares information and advice as well through its website and facebook page. Who knows, you may even meet somebody legit among the published stories.

Community policing works and Fishydate is not just about identifying fraud and identity theft but they also aim to create a network of online daters, who can act as a resource for each other by sharing stories and reporting issues. Fishydate is the first site of its kind that works with the online dating community to solve and preempt online dating swindles.

The creators of believe that online dating, just like real life dating, should be fun. Founder Wayne Candlish says,

“As people become more immersed in the online world, online dating is a natural progression and first step before meeting in person. People, especially women, should be able to do this in a non-threatening environment. We created this site to bring fun and frivolity back to dating.”

Not sure if a dating profile is really the gorgeous guy or girl of your dreams?
Fishydate can tell you if the profile picture and the person behind it are one and the same.

Don’t know if that amazing profile description is too good to be true?
Fishydate will weed out the fishy fraudsters so you know for sure the man or woman you are attracted to is exactly who he or she says they are.

On top of that, Fishydate provides the much needed online community and resource that is sorely missing in the online dating environment. Shared stories published on the Fishydate website will even earn the writer a free Fishydate T-shirt. Interested singles searching for safe love can also keep up to date on current dating scams by signing up for the free newsletter, and avoid becoming a victim. Find out more at