A Mission To Give A Million Stress And Anxiety Sufferers Free Professional Support And Guidance

The stresscommunity.com service is a social and support network, but specifically for people who suffer from stress and anxiety. We provide a free professional support and guidance service to A MILLION stress and anxiety sufferers, globally.

Online PR News – 20-November-2013 – For Immediate Release: London – National Institute of Mental Health estimates that anxiety disorders affect now over 40 million Americans age 18 or older. For those who struggle with stress and anxiety, it can feel difficult and overwhelming to openly discuss their anxiety with other people in their lives. This can often lead to isolation and increased suffering.
The Stress Community was founded by Therapist, Trainer and Author, Gino Norris. The whole idea behind the Stress Community Service is to allow people more access to effective care and to share their emotions in a ‘safe place’ and learn from each other’s experiences. Gino believes that the Stress Community will be a FREE resource born of the philosophy that people are not broken, they simply need the tools to manage themselves and their potential. We provide those tools. It is our vision that anyone, anywhere should have access to free support, expertise and resources, and we endeavor to support a Million Stress and Anxiety sufferers globally.

We strive to empower you with coping strategies based on sound techniques, and with a strong emphasis on self-empowerment and self help, focusing on understanding yourself, in-depth assessment, cognitive understanding and restructuring of your thoughts to influence your behavior, and using our extensive exercises, teaching videos, information on learning, experiencing and practicing Mindfulness - with our online Calm Center, a range of MP3 meditation exercises, an Online Mindfulness Training course and a large variety of Relaxation skills training,, explanations, exercises, how to videos, sample relaxation MP3 music and additionally from our Hypnosis Center - to learn practical strategies in self hypnosis, understanding how hypnosis can be used for stress and anxiety management, hypnosis training, exercises videos and sample MP3 relaxation music. We share extensive articles, cutting edge research and hot discussions from our online professionals and specialist skills training and exercises in a range of treatment strategies to treat stress and anxiety.
Use our practical how-to-skills, cutting edge and proven strategies, techniques, and read, understand, explore, practice and discuss these in our interactive and popular online forums.

At 'The Academy' you can enroll for free online training courses in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Stress, Anxiety and Mindfulness. Based on our site content, they help you assess your learning and how well you have progressed.

You can also participate in our Online Therapy sessions with a Professional Therapist and in our highly popular online support groups, with fellow members via our interactive online group chatting and conference system. At the Stress Community, users can join support groups, learn about stress anxiety through a user powered stress anxiety Q&A system, with expert answers moderated and answered by a Stress and Anxiety Professional.

Our online discussion forums is the place where our users stay in touch via personal message or live chat, and chat is available throughout the site and will instantly help you access any online member for support. Our members show us, everyday, that given a supportive, private, and serious online community of other stress and anxiety sufferers, it is possible to achieve significant improvement in one’s anxiety and stress levels. Join us