"CramBuddy" - Online Monthly League Contest

Today's smart student will no more sit in a class, listen to teachers, memorize & reproduce the content in exams. Today's student questions; He wants to discover & he wants to do it with his friends!

Online PR News – 20-November-2013 – Bangalore/Karnataka – How can learning or self-assessment be made easier? Attracting and holding a child's interest is a daunting task. Teachers/academicians today are burdened with inventing various ways/methods to keep pace with the child's ever changing moods or 'trends'! Some adopt audio/visual tools, some conduct subject labs in the class rooms, some create and encourage work sheets and the list could go on.

Startup MobiTatva has created a simple way to help students to enjoy learning; A simple and efficient way to help teachers to engage their students & improve student participation.

"CramBuddy" is an app developed on MCDF - Mobility Content Delivery Framework, which includes flash card based learning tools, quizzing, challenging group members (option of closed/open group) and scoring at every stage which promotes and encourages Active Recall Learning concepts. It's design includes a highly intuitive UX (user experience), is handy and 'cool' too.

The app contains learning and quizzing content on subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Civics, Geography for high school under the CBSE & ICSE syllabus and non-academic content like trivia/General Knowledge with more than 18000+ learn/quiz cards.

Recently, MobiTatva concluded a very exciting and successful inter-school quiz contest titled "CB League contest". More than 25 schools in Bangalore actively participated in the contest. BGS-NPS in Banneghatta Road walked away with the “CB School of The Year” award and Master Abhishek Garg of the same school walked away with the "CB Student of the Year" award.

After the success of the CB League Contest and on demand by the students, MobiTatva has launched a new contest called as "The CB Monthly League". It's a monthly contest and any student can participate. The first season of this monthly league has been launched from the 20th of August 2013.

The contest starts on the 20th of every month and ends on the 19th of the subsequent month with the winners being announced on the 25th/26th of every month.

The quiz contest runs online on tablets/mobiles using the Android app "CramBuddy" which is available FREE on Google Play. The participants score points for every successful/correct answer and at various other stages/activities.

Prizes worth Rs. 1,00,000 to be won.

For details visit www.crambuddy.com or www.facebook.com/CramBuddy or http://youtu.be/lChOuUPFeUQ
E-Mail: buddy@crambuddy.com
Mobile no: +91 98867 51745, 87626 87687.