Windscreen Protection - EziCleen's yet another great product

EziCleen puts forward Windshield Protection kit to help the drivers in Australia get clear vision while on the road. The product is developed by experts and ensures a long durability and excellent performance.

Online PR News – 20-November-2013 – Australia – Nobody likes to scrub the windshield of their car before taking it out on the road. But thanks to the dirt and dust, it becomes a compulsory job every time we want to drive the vehicle. Due to the porous surface of the glass, dirt and other elements get stuck to the surface of the windshield. This affects the vision while driving and also degrades the surface of the glass. EziCleen offers one of a kind product which acts as a glass coating and protects it from dirt, smoke and insects.
The Windshield Protection formula by EziCleen is developed to keep the glass of the car’s front shield clear and dust free. This is a perfect product which is tested and proven to combat the Australian climate and environment.

The company is quite confident that with just one application of EziCleen’s Windshield Protection, the glass of any car’s windshield and windows will stay clear and dirt free for a long time. The product is said to do wonders for all those vehicle owners who want to have a great vehicle all the time. It acts as a true shield by protecting the glass against corrosion, acid rain and other natural degradations. This is not all! The glass coating also reduces blending and blurring of vision and improves wet weather visibility by around 34%.

It is great to know that this brilliant product also helps a great deal to the vehicle owners by repelling water, oil, dirt and insects and keeping the glass clean for long – offering complete protection against all elements. The formula is UV-stable, protecting the windshield and the passengers from the rays of the sun. Application of the product helps in quick and easy de-icing during winters. One of the biggest aspects of this product that must be noticed is that it is suitable to be used with all wiper blades and extends their life as well.

When it comes to the company, EziCleen has been a reliable and renowned name in ceramic and glass protection since long. The Windshield Protection formula offered by this brand aims to provide true value for money to the customers. It can be used on windshields of cars, vans, trucks, buses, farm vehicles and even boats.

Apart from Windshield Protection, EziCleen also offers other products to keep the glass and ceramic items clean, clear and beautiful for long. These products are available on the website of the company and one can even ask for a professional applicator for best results. Therefore, needless to say, the company has been offering great products for the people who wish to keep their automobiles and home interiors in great condition for a long time period.

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