Lyme disease survivor launches book, “Raw Real Revealed–Confessions of an Eco-Diva”

Author, Katrina Starzhynskaya shares her journey through synchronicity, near death experiences and career successes and failures to inspire and empower women

Online PR News – 19-November-2013 – San Diego, CA – San Diego, CA – November 18, 2013 – Katrina Starzhynskaya, a serial entrepreneur and Lyme disease survivor is announcing the launch of her newest book, “Raw Real Revealed – Confessions of an Eco-Diva.” The book will be released on December 17, 2013 and will be available for purchase on Amazon and at all major bookstores.

Katrina Starzhynskaya is a Lyme disease survivor, holistic nutritionist, acupuncturist, detox specialist, public speaker, health coach and the founder of Health Mastery Retreat. Since her recovery from Lyme disease, Katrina has dedicated her life to helping others through spreading awareness and motivational coaching.

Katrina was inspired to write this book through personal struggles with low self-esteem, poor body image and eating disorders. Her successes, failures, and overcoming of an “incurable” disease all pushed her to help other young women overcome adversities.

“This book is not a memoir. I am not Oprah. I have not lived long enough to write my autobiography. I can’t yet look back at my life with that kind of wisdom because my life is, in many ways, just getting started,” said Katrina Starzhnskaya, author of “Raw Real Revealed.” “This is just my story so far, full of synchronicity, magic moments, and near death experiences coupled with my advise to the world. I’ve come a long way and I hope to empower and inspire my readers!”

“Raw Real Revealed” is not just a story, it is a practical and inspiring guide that identifies and explains the thought processes, habits and mindset of the world’s greatest and most successful luminaries. This book gives readers real action steps that can be implemented immediately, helping the reader get what they want out of their life, health and relationships while building success and wealth. This book targets women in their 30’s who are stuck in a going-no-where relationship, looking to unleash their full potential, hungry for financial freedom and worried about their personal health.

This is Katrina Starzhynskaya’s second book. Her first book, “Katrina’s Recovery from Mysterious Disease,” opens reader’s eyes to the hazards of Lyme disease, the mistreatment it is receiving, and Katrina’s self-empowered tools she used to take back her health.

“Raw Real Revealed – Confessions of an Eco-Diva” will be released on December 17, 2013 and will be available for purchase on Amazon and at all major bookstores. A book launch party will be held on January 18th, 2014 in La Jolla, CA.

About Katrina Starzhynskaya
Katrina Starzhynskaya is a serial entrepreneur, health and wellness activist, and author. She is also a holistic nutritionist, acupuncturist, detox specialist, public speaker, and a health coach; a Yoga and Fitness Instructor, Tennis Player, and a Model.

She grew up in Minsk, Belarus, and moved to the US in 2001. Starzhynskaya attended Baruch College’s Ziklin Business School in New York, where she received degree in Business Administration. Later she attended Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York to get her master degree in Oriental Medicine.

Since her recovery, Katrina continues to research holistic medicine and drug-free treatments. She travels the world to meet and learn from healers, holistic doctors, health coaches, and real patients who cured their “incurable” diseases. Katrina helps people to reverse chronic illnesses by offering guidance with drug-free treatments at her Health Mastery Retreat.