Shield UI Launches Free Online Service Reportivo for Generating and Sharing Interactive Charts

Shield UI, announces the launch of its free online service that allows you to generate and share powerful reports in a minute with no technical knowledge required.

Online PR News – 18-November-2013 – Seattle WA – How often do business users need to create a fully interactive chart and include it in a web project or just sent it to the team via email? And at what cost could this accomplished?


To build full-featured reports the way one does in a spreadsheet application and embed charts into a blog or website requires one to purchase, install and setup an expensive reporting solution that requires technical knowledge and experience. Usually such tools are accessible only to developers with adequate training and this approach would be inapplicable in the daily routine of the real life end-user who is not necessarily a developer. allows non-database savvy users to interact with the data much as they would with a spreadsheet application.

The user interface of the Reportivo Online Reporting Tool is built to save time - it is intuitive and provides only the most necessary and common functions. Still a set of custom options is available, too. Data can be imported from tabular sources like CSV and Excel files. Once the data is uploaded, it is rendered in a table on the page. The displayed table represents all the data in the file, which was selected for upload. In the majority of scenarios, one does not need to have all the data from the table, rendered in the chart. The Reportivo service allows users to easily choose which data will be present in the final report. This is done by simply clicking or drag selecting cells from the table. Each cell will represent a single point in the rendered graph.

Next step is to choose a graph type such as (“bar”, “line”, “area”, ”pie”, ”spline”, ”polar”, “scatter”), enter values for chart title and axis or enable customization options like zooming, exporting, resizing, axis inversion etc. The last step is to publish the report. is a fully Web-based application, and it shows in the best ways. Every report or graph or table view that is published in gets its own static URL and embeds code. can be used to create powerful graphs that can then be shared through popular social networks or embedded in Web sites for real-time data collection or display. It's the kind of thing you just cannot do with an offline app. is a free online service designed to help users analyze data and create insightful reports for informed decision-making. Based on a thorough research on the key requirements of the modern business person, Reportivo brings everything in a solution, which can be used by people of various professional backgrounds for reports of different frequency. Yet the most notable thing about is that no technical knowledge or training is required to create reports and to fine-tune them. Visual analysis capabilities allow graphical representation of data for better communication, making it great for collaborative analysis that include developing and sharing reports with colleagues. Customer feedback is greatly appreciated by the Reportivo owners as it is the main source of enhancing the functionality and usability of the tool. Their goal is to make this online service applicable in as many real life use cases as possible. is a project owned by Shield UI Ltd, a leading UI component vendor.

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