Feast Your Fat Away Reviews Hit And The Diet By Nate Miyaki Is Exposed

With the release of the Feast Your Fat Away diet, there have been many reviews to surface that go into detail about what the diet consists of and how it looks. But can a nutritionist/weight loss coach really promise "10 to 15 pounds in just the first two weeks" and deliver?

Online PR News – 18-November-2013 – Medford, OR – The Feast Your Fat Away diet has made some lofty claims. Included in those are that whether one does intense strength training, light aerobics such as walking or even is considered sedentary that he or she can expect to lose weight following Nate Miyaki's new eating plan. With this bold claim, many health and fitness enthusiasts have conducted reviews of the diet. What have they found?

"Nate's diet is actually really impressive. After getting my hands on a copy and reading through it one thing stood out above all - Nate is a cool guy and has a ton of scientific and real-world knowledge." says Steven Wright. "It's no surprise to me that he has been able to maintain such a high level of fitness without burning out. You can tell that he's not trying to cheat the system or promote some ridiculous eating plan that nobody will be able to or want to stick to."

So what is the Feast Your Fat Away diet all about? Without giving away too much, the overall basis for the diet is around real, whole foods. Nate has tried, tested and research the popular diets and dieting methods and has created one of the most simple, easy to follow hybrid approaches available.

The main diet PDF consists of six parts with the bulk of the information contained in 15 lessons:

#1: Focus on food choices
#2: Intermittent feast
#3: Find the right meal frequency for you
#4: Intermittent fast
#5: Calculate calories first
#6: Optimize protein intake
#7: Emphasize whole food fats
#8: Carb recommendations for the sedentary
#9: Carb recommendations for the active
#10: Pre-workout modifications
#11: Post-workout modifications
#12: Peri-workout nutrition review
#13: The sedentary feast and cheat template
#14: The active year-round beach physique template
#15: Supplements

Although some might see lessons containing information on meal frequency, fasting and supplements and think this diet is not for them, these are simply lessons. One is not required to follow every recommendation to get results.

Click here to see how this diet can be tailored for specific needs.

In fact, what makes Feast Your Fat Away such a popular and valid way of eating for health is that one doesn't have to give up everything he or she loves. Whether it's a drink after work, eating out with friends or snacking on your favorite "cheat" food, there is room in this plan to do so.

"After getting my hands on Nate Miyaki's Feast Your Fat Away program I'm really excited again. I'm going to change up the way I eat because I think it will be easier and healthier long term." says Steven Wright. "I've tried the strict Paleo diets, low calorie, low carb - you name it, I've tried it. This plan excites me to eat healthy and to be healthy from the inside out. Thanks to Nate's practical application of his knowledge and his advice, I can see why this diet is already so popular."

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There is also a review on YouTube about the diet which can be viewed here: http://youtu.be/D-CyItpDkYo

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