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11/19/2013 has a wide variety of decking plans for the Canberra region of Australia.

Online PR News – 19-November-2013 – Canberra – has a wide variety of decking plans for the Canberra region of Australia.

Our decking contractors can help design and build the perfect pergola or deck that meets your needs. Moreover, our decking contractors always get it right the first time.

At, we offer not just decking plans but we also discuss options that best suit your requirements, your home and especially, your budget. In this article we look at some of the Canberra decking plans at – specifically, Pergola plans.

Pergola Styles

There are many Pergola styles you could choose from. Most folks tend to lean towards the Skillion type Pergola style (also known as the ‘Lean to’ style). This is basically a trendy pitch roof that slopes one way and is connected to the existing roof.

The next most common style in Pergolas canberra design in Canberra is the pitched roof type pergola. The pitched roof Pergola design is the traditional gable end roof design.

Unlike the Skillion type of Pergola design, the pitched roof design usually has a gap between the pergola roof and the existing roof. Since the roof structure stands separately, it also tends to be more expensive to implement.

Finally, the third most popular Pergola style is the hipped roof pergola. This particular design looks stunningly beautiful but requires more material and is a bit more complex to implement.


Depending on the style and need, a Deck contractors can work with wood and concrete or modern day space age materials, or good old fashioned wood. If our client opts for wood, we select wood that is straight, blemish free and consistent in finish.

Roofing Material

The most popular Pergola canberra roofing material is polycarbonate (also known as Laserlite). Polycarbonate roofing sheets offer heat and UV resistance and are available in a variety of colours. We recommend Laserlite 3000 as it reflects heat more effectively.

There was a time when decking material meant wood or at best, wood and concrete. Not any longer! Today, you have a choice between manufactured decking products (e.g. Modwood) and the real thing i.e. timber.

Obviously, manufactured Canberra decking products come in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes. They are fixed using a specific fixing system.
Decking canberra still continues to be the most common (and in our opinion the best), decking material. Available in treated pine and hardwood, timber decking is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 140mm X 25mm to 70mm X 19mm.

In all our Canberra Decking plans, we recommend that Timber decking canberra material should always be fixed using special decking nails and not screws. Also, decking should always be joined over a floor joist and nailed in pairs resulting in a stronger structure.


The type of finish depends on the material used. A timber deck for example, should be finished with decking oil. Timber decks should ideally be refinished every year.

Visit for great Canberra decking plans. We provide the best design, quality of build, material selection and finishing. Our work makes your Pergola or Deck pleasing, functional and in tune with the weather at Canberra.