People2Avoid Introduces Map Tracking Feature

People2Avoid provides current information on people who may have committed various bad actions toward others.

Online PR News – 19-November-2013 – Los Angeles, California – Los Angeles, California – People2Avoid is introducing a new map tracking feature that will allow those who make a bad date report or report a creep to update the geographical location of a subject to warn others when the person moves. In this way, People2Avoid, located on the web at , helps others avoid their worst date ever or being taken advantage of by a financial fraud.

While it is always wise to perform an eHarmony background check or look for information on consumer fraud reporting when doing business with someone new, it is not always possible to equate a name in rip-off reports with that of a person who has moved to another location. In fact, much of the value of consumer fraud reporting is negated if a person simply changes cities, as those who report the scam are not able to identify the person’s whereabouts, and new victims may not make the connection with an earlier report. This is especially true if the scammer has a common first or last name.

People2Avoid is attempting to help those who want to protect themselves against dishonest people by adding a mapping feature to their website. Those who have moved in an effort to hide their misdeeds can no longer hide behind a geographical cloak; instead, this new feature will prevent people from escaping detection by tracking them as they move and as new reports filter in from other locations.

About People2Avoid:

Those who want to report a weirdo, report a scam or tell others about someone who has been dishonest now have the opportunity with People2Avoid. This website allows those who have been victims of scam artists or dishonest people to report these incidents. If more than one person reports on a particular individual, that person is listed on the website so that others can see all the information related to the report. If someone is reported, he or she has an opportunity to rebut these reports to prevent the information from appearing if it is untrue. People2Avoid takes every step to ensure privacy and accuracy in its information.

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