Incoils North America Launches New Office in Ohio

Incoils, the leading company for electro-mechanical assembly, has recently opened a new branch in Dayton.

Online PR News – 19-November-2013 – Dayton, OH – Dayton, OH (onlineprnews) November 15, 2013 - Incoils North America, the leading oriental name in electro-mechanical assembly, has recently announced the launch of its new office in Ohio. The new Dayton based office is meant to cater to the company's growing customer base in North America.

Incoils is a recognized name in electro-mechanical sub-contract scene with facilities in Malaysia and Indonesia. The seasoned firm has been serving for more than 2 decades now and holds business relations with elite corporations such as Phillips, Sony, Deltrol, Johnson Electric and Danfoss.

"It's great to report that recently we have extended our new branch in America", said a spokesperson, "the new launch in Dayton, Ohio, is to ensure better service to our valued customer base in North America. We are hopeful that our localized Dayton office would be able to reach out & support the superior level of dedication and attention expected by even the most demanding of clients here. The new office has even deployed US based sales personnel to assure a smooth co-ordination with the customers here."

The company manager stressed on a versatile repertoire of products including standard & custom coils, Solenoid, solenoid valve, printed circuit boards, wire harnesses, transformers, stampings & strings. All the products are shipped worldwide.

"We always focus on the best proven methods of production and service given our strong adherence to premium products. We deploy cutting edge equipments and practices as well skilled yet inexpensive workforce. All the products from our facility undergo thorough quality verification & final testing before it's sent out for the customers. Client satisfaction is paramount to us and hence we take every step possible to realize it", the company manager said. He further noted that it's their cheap labor cost that helps them to keep their prices low.

Incoils approaches every project with a design review in collaboration with the client to confirm that all the requirements have been documented & clearly understood. The company follows documentation of manufacturing & turnkey assembly procedures as well as compliance monitoring. Every project from the firm has to pass through PPAP approval.

"We are always responsive to customers' needs; hence we always make sure to take up a bespoke approach since we understand that every client would have his own specific needs. We guarantee you a consistent quality", the spokesperson added.

About Incoils: Incoils is a leading South-East Asian company operating in the electro-mechanical sub-contract zone. The company recently opened a new outlet in Dayton, Ohio.

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