Local company readies supplement lineup for Thanksgiving travelers

Nutrilys Del Mar, a leading marine-based supplement company, gears up for the busiest travel time of the year

Online PR News – 19-November-2013 – San Diego, CA – San Diego – It’s estimated that nearly 25 million people will be aircraft passengers during the Thanksgiving holiday. Of course, this travel time coincides when the flu and cold season begins to emerge.
Nutrilys Del Mar, a global marine-based supplement company based in San Diego and France, is readying to help their clientele make those future travel experiences healthier and more germ-free.
“There are a variety of supplements on the market, but the most potent ones are marine, whole- food supplements which can help tremendously during your travels,” said Thierry Lerond, a former rehabilitation specialist and founder of Nutrilys Del Mar in San Diego and Nutrilys in France.

Nutrilys Del Mar’s top supplements on the packing list should include:
• Premium Oyster Powder: an anti-fatigue supplement rich in zinc to help decrease jet lag
• Vitamin D3: low levels of vitamin D may make people more susceptible to seasonal illness so a natural vitamin D3 supplement from Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon oil is recommended
• Alkylglcerols: shark liver oil boosts immunity, offers a shield against cold temperatures, and helps ward off the cold and flu

“While our natural supplements are important to take on a daily basis, they are extremely helpful before, during and after travel for resistance and recovery,” said Lerond, adding how checking in with a health care provider before starting a new supplement is suggested.
Lerond pointed out that more people are packing disinfectant wipes in their carry-on to minimize contact with germs and bacteria. “Wiping down your headrest, tray table, arm rest, entertainment remotes, seat belts, and seat back pocket contents can help significantly,” Lerond shared. “Basically, whatever passengers commonly touch is what should be wiped down.”

On longer flights, where pillows are available, confirm if they are recycled. If so, it may be wise to pass it up. Also double check that airline blankets are cleaned and sealed in plastic packaging.
“If by chance you are sitting directly next to a passenger who is ill, don’t hesitate to get up from your seat and ask the flight attendant if there is another available seat on the plane,” Lerond said. “If not, the next best thing is adjusting your air duct toward the ill passenger and having the flight attendant offer Kleenex tissue to help mask their coughing and sneezing.”

For additional supplement health tips, Nutrilys Del Mar invites future travelers to visit www.nutrilysdelmar.com or to call them at 1-877-563-0828.