Modi Online Ventures Launches "Updater"; Company Enters SEO & Web Optimization Field

Search Engine Optimization and web security are topics that have received ample limelight lately. Modi Online Ventures is proud to enter this field with the launch of "Updater" at

Online PR News – 18-November-2013 – New Delhi, Delhi, November 18, 2013 – Modi Online Ventures has recently announced the launch of Updater, which deals with Joomla CMS-based sites and aims to offer quality services in Search Engine Optimization and Web Security. Updater is not the first online endeavor of Modi Online Ventures; the company has already establishes its name in other promising start-ups that have attracted great media attention, including eCarLoan and MyCarHelpline. Through Updater, the company provides users with security extensions in and assistance with the migration process during the upgrading of Joomla. Updater also enhances web hosting, SEO and website security for its users. Extending the parent company's philosophy of customer delight and superior service, Updater strives to effectively interact with the customer and provide considerable discounts and deals.

Joomla CMS & Updater

Updater revolves around websites that are based on the Joomla Content Management System. The website lubricates the Joomla migration process for its clients by providing tips on how to upgrade users, content, articles, templates and extensions on Joomla's various versions and series. It provides security extensions, SEO plug-ins and free Joomla templates, along with Joomla website development tips and tools in order to make website development completely unproblematic for the clients.

Web security is another field that Updater serves in. It offers tips to decrease the vulnerability of the client's website by password protecting the Back End Administrator and safeguarding against hacking. With its security tools, Updater extends services in the Joomla Two Factor Authentication System and other security extensions. Using Updater's powerful tools and interactive forums, users can build secure sites for their businesses and other purposes. The SEO guide by Updater contains top tips for new websites to increase their ranking in search engine positions and drive more traffic on their landing pages, which may lead to higher sales and profitability.

About the Company

After the immense success of the Flagship Site MyCarHelpline, Modi Online Ventures decided to enter the SEO and Web Optimization field with "Updater". The company aims to provide superior service and customer empowerment by making the building of websites and their optimization secure and easy with Updater. The numerous discounts, discussion forums and other information sources are developed for the convenience of the user. For more information on Updater, log on to the website To know more about the services and deals offered by the company, browse through