Stock Photography Website Makeover Nears Completion as Photo Buyers Look To Get Back In Touch

Photo Buyers continue to seek real-person options in the photo research process during the current economic turmoil. OzImages Stock Photography reports a 25% increase in the use of it's free assisted photo search services.

Online PR News – 13-August-2009 – – Many photo researchers are continuing to seek out alternative options in their quest for the perfect image, according to the web's first co-operative stock photo library, OzImages International ( Since February 2009, the site has seen a 25% increase in new photo buyer registrations, and a 15% increase in photo search activity.

In a recent interview with OzImages International P/L Managing Director, Matt Brading, Matt said, "Our original aim was to have the stock photo library redesign completed by the end of the second quarter 2009, however, as photo buyer activity began to increase beyond what we anticipated we have had to adapt our plans accordingly.

The schedule we had in place was always flexible, which was just as well, as when we worked through the various updates and upgrades, we continued to have fresh ideas on how we could improve the photo library's features and functionality. Our primary goal was to make the whole free photo research experience a much easier and less daunting prospect for our existing and new Clients.

We believe we have achieved this, but we are not resting on our laurels. We have more features that we wish to include and are currently working on this, with the aim to have them up and running on the site by the end of the 3rd quarter of 2009."

When asked about the increase in the stock photo library's activity, Matt went on to say, "On checking the site's statistics since February, 2009, we found that we have achieved a 25% month on month increase up to the end of July, 2009. This was beyond what we had anticipated, especially given the current economic woes we keep reading about, so it was clearly very pleasing.

Obviously, we would like to say that this was all down to the work we have been doing on the site's redesign, making it much easier for our Clients to navigate and to use when searching for images, but our traffic stats indicate there were other factors at play.

In fact, a large percentage of the visitor traffic was 'corporate' photo buyers, indicating a large part of the additional activity may in fact have been brought about by the economic recession as more businesses look for strong, dynamic stock photos to further promote themselves."

When asked about future developments, Matt added, "We aim to finish the redesign of our original website features by the end of September, 2009, then plan to develop further search & purchases tools after that. More and more photo buyers are seeking real-personal contact during the photo research process, so it makes sense to develop better tools to assist in that process."

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