Scotch Ice Ball Maker Discount, DeluxIce Has Announced Launch of Latest Scotch Ice Ball Maker
11/16/2013 Announces 70% Off Promotion During This Week's Product Launch

Online PR News – 16-November-2013 – Salt Lake City/UT – Just in time for the Christmas shopping season, DeluxIce (Los Angeles, CA) is announcing today that there will be special 70% Off promotional pricing during the company's launch of the new version of their Deluxe Ice Ball Makers. The promotion is scheduled to end on November 12.

The latest ice ball makers from DeluxIce have hit Amazon and the promotional sale is on right now, with the coupon "ICEBALLS" (no quote marks) entered at checkout giving consumers 70% off for the next three days on this

VP of Sales Mark Kraft of DeluxIce says, "For the next four days only, we are happy to offer a massive promotional discount to help spread the word about the improved design for the DeluxIce ice ball mold. One of the big improvements is a fill line build in to the mold to simplify the filling process."

For those not familiar with what an ice ball is, the DeluxIce product works much like an ice cube tray, except that each one makes a single large 2.5 inch ball of ice. The advantage to round ice is that it melts considerably slower than ice cubes or crushed ice due to the reduced surface area that is in contact with the drink.

Kraft continues, "A sphere has the smallest possible surface area, whereas crushed ice is at the other extreme with lots of surface area. The more surface area touching the liquid, the faster the ice is going to melt. So we wanted to think a little differently and create the slowest melting ice ball (or round ice cube, if you will) that is available."

Because the company chose to create a product that makes one ball of ice at a time, they have decided to package two ice ball molds per shipment. Kraft explains this decision by pointing out that regular ice cube trays are mass produced using very cheap materials. "Most company's making this stuff only care about the bottom line. We were looking to create something extraordinary that delivers a fun and useful experience for people." A video review is at

Long considered a specialty in high-end bars in Japan, the ice ball craze has started here in the USA. With just a brief cameo in this years Star Trek movie, people started asking whether ice balls were a 23rd century creation or part of today's world.

"Yeah, we got a big lift in sales from people seeing that movie! It's just fun to serve round ice at parties - people who have never seen ice balls really do get a kick out of them!", says Kraft.

DeluxIce ice ball molds are available for the next three days on Amazon at with the 70% off discount code "ICEBALLS".