New Augmented 3D Reality App For Samsung Galaxy Note III And Galaxy Gear by TELiBRAHMA

In association with Samsung, TELiBRAHMA has brought into focus a new interactive print content live on mobile phones or tabs.

Online PR News – 15-November-2013 – Bangalore and Karnataka – In association with Samsung, TELiBRAHMA has brought into focus a new interactive print content live on mobile phones or tabs. It is an enigmatic experience for the users who can see the Samsung’s newly launched Note III and their smart watch Galaxy Gear and its features through POINT.
Designed innovatively, Samsung’s print advertisements featured the Galaxy Note III and the Galaxy Gear, a smart watch, where the users can capture the ad by making use of the POINT app and virtually wear the watch. They could experience the air command feature, know more details of the ‘S Pen’ and also watch a video demo. To experience this user had to click a picture of the Ad and try on the Gear. There were options to customize the color and personalize the smart watch dial to match closer to their choice. This is definitely a step to towards integrated marketing in this digitized world where the users gets to test and feel the product even before he steps into the store.
Commenting on the association with Samsung, Suresh Narasimha, CEO& Founder, and TELiBRAHMA Technologies said, “We are happy to be associated with Samsung yet again. Previously, we had worked with the brand during the launch of Note II. We had delivered a 3D experience of the Smartphone. This time around we have gone a step ahead in offering their TG with the actual experience of the product and even power a virtual wear experience.”
He further said, “Our associations with print and TV houses are redefining the way TV and print content gets consumed. For consumers, Point enables better and sharper information/ engagement assimilation by combining context with the information delivery. Point is a reader utility rather than just a connection with brands. Users can capture any of the movie posters to get reviews, movie timings, ratings, watch trailers, songs, theatre locations, schedules and book movie tickets. Users can also capture currencies from India, the US, Singapore to discover fake notes, find exchange rates, points of interests around and even what could be bought.”

Integration of traditional media with digital media
This point towards elevation of the value chain from the traditional media to the digital world including its monetization capability. Narasimha said that an increased adoption of Augmented Reality has been seen with improved devices and network landscape. However, the most important factor of adoption is not the technology, but how it is leveraged.
He added, “By integrating 3D experiences integrated with Augmented Reality, brands are able to build better connect with core audiences and brand loyalists. What drives brand loyalists is the experience and engagements. TELiBRAHMA has been trying to expand the opportunity for Augmented Reality by extending interactivity with not just with print, but with TV, radio and retail as well.”
He believes that traditional channels can leverage mobile technology as the base to introduce consumers to digital era experience. Brands spending on these media can maximize their investment, additionally creating engagements with their consumers, he concluded.
Some of the coveted brands that have been using Point to leverage the mobile medium include Toyota, Hyundai, Microsoft, USL, Coca-Cola, Louis-Philippe, Hindustan Times, Hindustan, Sandesh, and Magna Publications.

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