Mesocore Offers Sustainable Pre-Fab Home for Shelter After Typhoon Haiyan

The catastrophic devastation of Typhoon Haiyan/ Yolanda has brought both urgency to providing immediate shelter in the Philippines as well as the need for disaster prone regions around the planet to take action to limit the impact of future threats.

Online PR News – 18-November-2013 – Riviera Beach, FL – The catastrophic devastation of Typhoon Haiyan/ Yolanda has brought both urgency to providing immediate shelter in the Philippines as well as the need for disaster prone regions around the planet to take action to limit the impact of future threats.

Typhoon Yolanda is believed to be the strongest tropical cyclone ever to make landfall. U.S. Marines arriving in the city of Tacloban in the Philippines described the situation as “total devastation”. Authorities fear the death toll could be as high as 10,000 and are praying the numbers don’t top that.

Hearts go out to the people of the Philippines and emergency workers and aid is being mobilized. However, a second storm following right behind Haiyan has threatened to depress relief efforts and cause even more loss.

This is likely to go down as one of the most horrendous disasters in history, and there are really no words that can offer comfort to those on the ground. Unfortunately while there is probably no one on the planet that doesn’t want to catch the next flight to the Philippines and find a way to pitch in with their own hands that simply isn’t feasible.

How Can We Help Victims of Typhoon Haiyan?

So how can tangible help be provided to those in the Philippines?

There are many organizations working to mobilize help. CBS News reports some of these include Doctors Without Borders, the Red Cross, Save the Children, UNICEF, World Vision and GlobalGiving. However, it is always wise to complete your due diligence and check out an organization’s credentials before donating. Charity Navigator is one of the tools which can be used to find a charity you can trust.

With over 20,000 structures destroyed and no buildings or homes left untouched or not completely flattened in the city of Tacloban housing and shelter are critical needs.

Those that have witnessed and lived through disasters like this elsewhere know that in addition to shelter, clean water and food are also critical, as is access to medical treatment. Sadly, without these items, the days and weeks after can all too often prove to be even more deadly.

This has been seen again and again from the mudslides in Venezuela to Haiti, the tsunami in Thailand, hurricanes in South Florida and earthquakes around the globe.

Building a Solution

Perhaps in a feat of well-timed, divine providence; South Florida based, Mesocore has developed and begun rolling out a new sustainable hybrid pre-fab home which can be used to solve, and protect from many of these issues.

In fact, beyond just homes, these unique units can be used for many urgent shelter needs including schools and medical centers.

Mesocore’s technology allows these shelters to be shipped anywhere in the world in efficient containers and quickly and easily erected by unskilled labor. This offers a level of speed and effectiveness never available for responding to such situations before.

A Lasting Solution to Maximize Aid Dollars

Millions are being pledged to help the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan/ Yolanda. However, the amount of positive impact that is actually delivered all comes down to the extent to which each dollar in aid is maximized.

It’s no secret that even the most well intentioned and largest charities have seen over 90% of the money taken in go to administration in the past, with just pennies on the dollar making its way to those in need.

Mesocore sustainable hybrid construction changes all this. In contrast to tents and FEMA trailers these pre-fabricated units are shipped in a way which eliminates waste, and which provide lasting, permanent buildings that can be used for decades. Once they are up they can stay and provide a permanent solution for almost any structure need.

More significantly, Mesocore’s green buildings integrate solar for generating and storing energy and capture and purify rain water. This means clean drinking water and electricity for cell phones and medical equipment, which are among the most critical needs in the wake of a disaster like the recent typhoon.

It’s hard to ask for more than this, but to boot the Mesocore Solution is capable of withstanding winds up to 140 mph and perhaps even more, and offers resistance against earthquakes.

Ready to Ship Aid & Protection

Typhoon Yolanda is the perfect example of one of the best applications of Mesocore. Had these units been in place some of the damage could certainly have been reduced. Mesocore units can also be stockpiled in shipping ports around the globe for rapid deployment to devastated areas. This could accelerate the recovery process with medical treatment centers and housing, while offering an effective line of defense against additional storms.

Other nations and regions prone to earthquakes, hurricanes, and with poor and unreliable infrastructure can stockpile Mesocore units in advance for bulk delivery via the website at

Mesocore manufactures sustainable, pre-fabricated structures that utilize renewable solar energy and rain collection/purification that can be shipped all over the world.

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