Best On Key West offering latest and greatest dive site to hit the Keys: the USS Vandenberg!

Starting this summer, Best On Key West offers the best and cheapest deals on the latest and greatest dive site to ever hit the Florida Keys, the USS Vandenberg

Online PR News – 14-August-2009 – – With the sinking of the USS Vandenberg just 6 miles off the coast of Key West Florida, divers from across the globe are flocking to the Florida Keys to experience the amazing world of Key West scuba diving and, in particular, the fascinating world of the 533-foot USS Vandenberg. This month, Best On Key West, the leading tour and activity operator on Key West, begins offering the best and least expensive deals in order to get certified scuba divers out to this one-of-a-kind Key West diving site.

The USS Vandenberg is the most exciting thing to happen to the world of Key West scuba diving in a long time! The sinking of the ship was a long process, starting early in 2007. It was not until May 27th of this year that the ship was finally sunk in order to lie at the bottom of the sea at 140 feet of water. Like other shipwrecks around Key West Florida, the Vandenberg is expected to quickly attract all kinds of marine wildlife including reef fish, eels, crab, lobster, larger fish, and various kinds of plants.

Best On Key West and their affiliated Key West scuba diving company, the Key West Dive Center, are offering daily morning trips out to the Vandenberg. Divers who are Open Water certified are required to dive alongside an instructor. Divers who have an Advanced Open Water certification are advised to dive with an instructor, unless they have logged more than one deep dive.

Best On Key West is also offering the lowest price for Vandenberg dives at the rate of $120 for a full equipment trip without an instructor and $145 for a full equipment trip with an instructor. Each dive gives you a full hour at the shipwreck site, and then another full hour at a different location on the Key West Florida coral reef system.

“The Vandenberg has a long history as a military ship, and we’re happy to see that it will continue to be of use, just to a different crowd,” says Best On Key West office manager Jessica Garner. “It’s only been two months and it’s already making out to be one of the most fascinating dives I’ve ever gone on.”

Key West visitors interested in diving the Vandenberg should explore or the for more information. Divers must be certified for this kind of dive and Best On Key West offers three-day-long certification courses.

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