BBCrafts Now Introducing New Flameless LED Candles and Lanterns

BBcrafts is best known for its wedding accessories and offers a wide assortment of products that range from fabrics, floral mesh, table cloths to wedding favors. The news is that BBCrafts now introducing new LED Candles and Lanterns to add to the dazzle.

Online PR News – 14-November-2013 – CA, United States – The LED technology is being given a new application to reach the softer side of your feelings while you dine, take rest or share a special moment with your loved ones. One of the greater benefits of using these candles is that these add to convenience on usage. No dripping wax, no burns and no waste is what make the LED Candles score over the traditional products. The candles offer a striking white color which spreads as qqa and is completely non-toxic. It is to be seen that what variants and designs are on offer in this category.

BBCrafts has made sure that the products suit your requirements to different occasions. The range is impressive and exhausting, both. The candles come with a candle holder and of different dimensions. Also, the products come with a rechargeable base and a power adapter that can last up to 10 hours for every time you charge. The different variants offer a realistic effect of a conventional candle and are easy to maintain, install and enjoy. One can have a look on different designs such as American Flag, Metallic gold, Sitting angels, Multicolored, Santa, Safari and Snowman.

The LED Lanterns do also provide an attractive option to the primitive lantern. BBCrafts has made sure that the light piece offer sophistication out of a beautiful piece of a lantern. The different variants are weather resistant and appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. These lanterns are truly comparable to its conventional form minus the smoke and pollution. You can decorate your garden, patio or deck with the ambient light of such a light source which is easy to install and maintain.

The company has a wide range of flame less LED Candles and flame less LED Lanterns to meet different user specifications. What makes them different is the dazzling light minus the flame. The available designs have been made keeping into mind the durability and usability on each. The products were designed to also meet the environment concerns. There are no chances of pollution, fire and all the harmful smoke with these marvels. One can order them for personal use, gift and memorabilia. The different variants and designs give all the freedom to a person to select something which is unique, elegant and beautiful.

BBCrafts is making sure that the products are distributed effectively. The online purchase takes the customers through all the products, designs and features. One can make a selection based on his or her specifications with a lantern or candle. The customers can order a sample to become sure of the quality and then go ahead with the purchase process. The shipping options facilitate a timely and effective distribution.