Plug-In Solar Product Launch

Solar Liberator launches crowd funding campaign to kick start fully integrated, plug-in solar solution

Online PR News – 14-November-2013 – 1113/2013, Dallas, TX – Solar Liberator, an innovative new start-up, is launching a range of new solar power devices that will make switching to solar power extremely easy, with the lowest possible up-front cost. A crowd funding campaign has launched on to help kick start production.

The new range of devices integrate all the components of a solar power system into a single device that you just plugin to a wall socket to power your home. Solar Liberator with inverter, back up battery and control electronics, all built-in, is available in 500w, 100W and 25W variants. The 500W unit is grid-tie capable and can be easily chained in to arrays of any capacity. It is ideal for powering homes, offices or workshops etc. The 25W and 100W units are designed for extra portability and versatility of use. They can be used to provide power for your outdoor activities, vehicles and gadgets such as phones, tablets, cameras, etc.

A Solar Liberator installation can be up and running in minutes versus the days it takes to setup a traditional solar power system. Solar Liberator takes away many of the barriers to switching to renewable energy by providing everybody an extremely quick and simple way to go solar at a price lower than all other traditional and renewable power solutions.

The CEO of Solar Liberator, Amalka Elayperuma describes Solar Liberator as an affordable, user friendly solar solution that can promote widespread consumer adoption of solar power. “It’s an easy to use, simple device you just need to keep somewhere sunny and plug it in” says Amalka.

Solar Liberator is a solar solutions provider engaged in research and development of new solar technologies with offices in Dallas, Texas and Colombo, Sri Lanka. Its mission is to accelerate the adoption of solar power by making solar power simple and affordable to everyone.

More information about Solar Liberator can be found at Please email if you have further inquiries.