London Startup Gob on Games Ltd Launches Controversial New Gaming App Spit on a Banker ®

Release of new gaming app for iOS in the UK

Online PR News – 13-November-2013 – London, UK – London, 13th November 2013 – London digital startup Gob on Games Ltd has today launched Spit on a Banker®, a gaming app for iOS that allows you to take virtual vengeance on Bankers and the banking industry. Take pleasure in deflating the egos of the people who have wrecked our economy; laugh at their posturing, their shiny sports cars and their self-importance.

Choose to play one of twelve unlockable characters across thirteen unique levels that invite you into the extravagant lifestyle of greedy Bankers. Earn points for successfully spitting on the Bankers and avoid the innocent bystanders. Aim to score big by hitting the never-ending ‘suits’, as well as successfully hitting the three ‘SuperBankers’ in each level in order to unlock the next.

Characters in the game represent the type of people who have paid the price for the banking crisis and who would find it entertaining to get their own back. These include: a Union Boss, an Ex-Girlfriend of a Banker, a Broke Film Star, a Soldier, a Graduate, a Nurse, a Nun, a Pensioner, a School Kid, even a Camel, a Martian and a Banker!

William Ings, designer of Spit on a Banker® and Founder of Gob on Games Ltd, said: “Spit on a Banker® has been designed as a symbolic act of disapproval. Play the game, have some fun and get your own back in this virtual slapstick protest.”

Aimed at those who are disillusioned with the crisis surrounding banking, the bonuses and the entire system, Spit on a Banker® offers the opportunity for people to show their disapproval and take revenge on Bankers in a light hearted and humorous manner.

The app is available now in the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod. The first level is free, the full 13 level version of the game is then available for £1.49. Alternatively after downloading the first level for free, you can purchase the following 2 levels for 69p, then purchase two further levels at a time for 69p each. Or switch and buy the full game for £1.49 at any time. In-app power-ups are 69p each or you can choose to buy one of two multi-packs priced at £1.49 and £1.99 respectively.

About Gob on Games Ltd®

Gob on Games Ltd was founded by former Evening Standard City cartoonist William Ings, whose talent for art and design has given him the opportunity to work across a variety of different platforms and industries in his career to date. Spit on a Banker® is the studio’s debut game. To find out more and to download the app visit

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