Debuts Its Lubricants, Grease and Petroleum Marketplace Today

The manufacturing news portal releases its first directory of industry lubricants for automotive, machine, hydraulic and other applications

Online PR News – 29-June-2010 – – Mesa, Arizona – The industrial news site for engineers, factory managers, plant mechanics and manufacturing professionals, a division of Industrial Leaders announced today the launch of its new directory of industrial lubricants at The company said the site includes 52 additional manufacturers of lubricants, grease, oil and petroleum products used in a wide range of industries and markets such as, to name a few, automotive, military, aerospace, engineering, machine tool, hydraulics, forklifts, heavy equipment and factory automation.

According to George Stevens, spokesperson for IndustrialPR, among the 52 manufacturers include several that specialize in synthetic lubricants at Stevens said in a press release to a Mesa newspaper the lubricant-focused online publication serves as an international buying guide for all kinds of lube, oil and grease used by the manufacturing, engineering and construction communities. An additional 6 suppliers we recently added to the site offering primarily lubricants for metal shops specializing in CNC precision machining, metalworking and metal fabrication.

“ is directing its efforts to become more than a news site for the manufacturing community with the launch of its industrial lubricants directory and buying guide,” said Stevens. He added, “The publication now includes silicone, bearing, gear, high temperature, dielectric and white lithium grease as well as various types of oils engineered for heavy machinery, factory automation, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, industrial trucks, cars and other applications.” Additional information about the lubricants being offered is available from editors by writing to industrialpr at

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