Successful Upstart NLKUSLLC Announces Mentorship Program

After an amazingly successful year, NLKUSLLC parent company of Trimmer Assist brand announces launch of a free mentorship program to fellow entrepreneurs, in the spirit of paying-it-forward.

Online PR News – 13-November-2013 – Griffin, Georgia – This initiative is to offer coaching through the challenges that face creative and courageous inventors.

Having a very successful year in launching products into the marketplace, Trimmer Assist brand decides to pay-it-forward in developing a mentorship program to assist fellow entrepreneur’s to take the next step.

Tony Hanes, owner of NLKUSLLC the parent company of the Trimmer Assist brand faced many challenges in the creation and development of their flagship product, the Trimmer Assist, a specialized combo weedeater strap. and leaf blower strap. suspension system.

Having worked in maintenance for decades, product development was as foreign to him as speaking Chinese. The idea of his unique suspension strap occurred to him as he was string trimming one day. He simply thought,

“This is one of the most uncomfortable experiences I’ve ever done, and there must be a simpler way to do this”.

A couple of prototypes later, he had a working model. It felt magical. In that moment, Hanes said to himself,

“The world must have this product”.

That of course, was easier said than done. There were many new skills that had to be learned, from product development, to manufacturing, to SEO, web presence and marketing.

Through an extremely painful journey of trial and error, and seemingly endless days and nights of ploughing through the trenches, progress was made, one inch at a time.

When asked to comment on those struggles, Hanes said,

“Those were the biggest challenges I’ve ever faced in my whole life. I had no college education, and a pretty poor high school education. I’d worked my way up through maintenance by being naturally mechanically inclined, and that in of its self was a tough journey.”

“In developing my products, I had to learn brand new skill sets, and not just learn them, but be the best at them. That took lots of hard work, many mistakes and an attitude of never giving up. More than anything, I could have used a mentor myself, who could at least warn me of the pit falls and encourage me to move forward.”

“My company has had such an amazing year this year, having launched 3 products to date; that I felt I should pay-it-forward in the best way that I can. I can mentor other creative upstart companies with a unique product, or product idea.”

Interested would-be entrepreneurs, or anyone with a product idea can apply for this free mentorship program at; mentorship program.

NLKUSLLC founded in June 2011, Griffin Ga. was created to set up manufacturing and distribution of the Trimmer Assist. In 2013 the company has launched 2 new products, the Detector Assist, and the Tarp and Utility Bungee. Products can be found in major big box retail stores, through traditional distribution and online.,