The Romanian Security Project is now accepting new group members

The Romanian Security Project is now recruiting members interested in hacking.

Online PR News – 13-November-2013 – Bucuresti – Hacking is one of the most misunderstood elements of online activity, usually associated with the stigma of teenagers looking to cause trouble and foreign agents looking to steal identities. However, while these problems do exist, they're not the only reason that people hack - and the Romanian Security Project, or RSP, is delighted to be accepting applicants who are looking to learn more advanced and useful hacking techniques.

Part of this is a desire to change the views that people have about the subject - after all, while hacking can be used for the wrong things, it can also be put to a variety of positive uses. Many governments and corporations are actually very interested in hiring talented hackers, because these are the people who can test their systems and help to make them more secure. A proactive approach helps to keep people safe - and that's critical in a world that's increasingly online and connected.

If this weren't enough, however, hacking is also helping to expand the horizons of possibilities by constantly looking for new ways of doing things. Many hackers have put effort into making their programs as small and as efficient as possible. There are many reasons for why this happens, but the end goal is the same: faster, smoother operation and execution of complex programs, which is something that just about any programmer would love to see happening.

All of this ties back to the openings that the Romanian Security Project now has. As the name implies, this project isn't for everyone - those who don't speak the language will find it hard to keep up and understand things, already limiting the number of qualified individuals. However, those who do have the ability to understand what they're reading have the rare opportunity to join a group of professional, experienced hackers - and work on operations together with them. This is actually a fairly rare experience in the world of hacking, since most hackers prefer to operate by themselves. Working with fellow professionals opens up entire new fields and opportunities for hacking as a whole, and it's these talents that most other governments and corporations will find most valuable when looking for future hires.

Hacking does not have to be wrong or cause problems, and the Romanian Security Project is working every day to prove this. For more information, follow a link and find the project behind it.


Since its founding, the Romanian Security Project has composed of a dedicated team of hackers working to utilize bleeding-edge techniques and show their skill. The landscape of the internet is always changing, however, and groups must change with it or fall behind... And the project has recently decided to start recruiting new members who are interested in learning the art and activities of hacking. Whether it's for personal safety or to help others far into the future, being part of a capable group teaches things that solo education never can... Making the current state of the project into a rare and special opportunity for everyone looking to get involved. Find out more by visiting the official website of the Romanian Security Project.