OsoOrganic launches retail hub for eco-conscious shoppers

Austin-based startup offers products that blend environmental sustainability with luxury and style

Online PR News – 13-November-2013 – AUSTIN, TX (November 12, 2013) – In a marketplace that is becoming increasingly "green," there is a growing number of brands creating stylish and luxurious, yet sustainable items. The issue for eco-conscious consumers is quickly and easily finding them.

OsoOrganic founder, Tony Andrade, sought to address exactly that when he launched the online eco boutique in October. "I want to make sure I'm living in alignment with my values and that extends to how I shop," says Andrade. "When I need new clothes, I look for responsibly made options. When shopping online, I'm usually met with pages of outdated blogs or products that don't conform to my style. I want options that are genuinely created with environmental sustainability in mind, coupled with a sense of modern style."

That's where the e-commerce startup comes in. OsoOrganic was created as a hub to give eco-minded consumers sustainable, stylish alternatives to mainstream products.

"It's no secret, the mainstream marketplace is saturated with stuff made from environmentally damaging materials in pollutant-producing factories, where working conditions are an afterthought, if a thought at all." says Andrade, a former California attorney. "That burns me at the deepest level of my being, and I needed to do something about it."

OsoOrganic currently features over 1,000 eco-friendly products, ranging from contemporary platform beds made from bamboo to climbing bags handcrafted from tents used in old Andes expeditions. Before being included on the site, each product is vetted for it's contribution to a sustainable marketplace. To OsoOrganic, that means not only source materials, but also overall production process. "I look for brand partners who share my sense of responsibility for the well-being of our planet. I particularly love products crafted by artisans from recycled materials" says Andrade. "There are so many creative, eco-conscious people and their ingenuity is helping solve the environmental issues we see going on around us."

"I'm thrilled to be a part of OsoOrganic," says Vaya Bags designer, Tia Mellinger, whose brand uses recycled sailboat canvas and bike tube rubber to create fashionable, functional messenger bags and accessories. "The vision behind OsoOrganic is directly in line with my own; modern style led by a commitment to environmental sustainability." Mallory Curlee, whose Austin-based, high fashion swimwear line uses recycled and vintage fabric states, "fashion and style should not yield to harming the planet with irresponsible production. Sustainability and design should go hand in hand, just look around in nature."

OsoOrganic is a marketplace where environmental sustainability meets quality, luxury, and style. Visit them online at www.OsoOrganic.com. For further information contact media@osoorganic.com.