InstaFinish Adds Exciting New Fragrances to its Range of Car Air Fresheners

California-based InstaFinish has announced a new range of car air fresheners that will remove all unwanted odors and foul smells from a car.

Online PR News – 13-November-2013 – Gardena, California, CA – California, USA, 12 November 2013: InstaFinish, the California-based manufacturer and supplier of high quality car care products, has announced a new range of car air fresheners, which will make your car smell great, for a long period of time. Similar to all the other car air fresheners made and sold by the company, the new range also includes natural oils and aromatic essences that are blended with superfine particles, which stay in the air for a long time.

A senior executive of the company quoted, “Our air fresheners have always been loved by car owners and this is the reason they buy our products over and over again. To make sure that our loyal customers get the best in car care products, we have recently launched a new range of car air fresheners, which comes in unique aroma such as lemon, leather, mint, and jasmine among others, will surely leave a long lasting fragrance in their cars”.

InstaFinish has already made a mark for itself in the competitive market of car care products, and has established itself as a world leader in emulsion engineering, with capabilities of reverse engineering as well. The unique blend of high quality and advanced materials in their car air fresheners provide long lasting fragrance, which is entirely natural. The fresheners, which are engineered for perfection, come with particles and oils that neutralize bad odors and are effective against foul smells of all kinds. Be it the smell of food, pets, sweat or cigarette smoke, the natural fragrances can easily neutralize all smells for a long period of time.

“We don’t want our customers to spend hours each day in using our products and hence we make products that last for a long time. Not only do our products provide a natural fragrance, using them is extremely easy too. All a person has to do is to apply our air fresheners with a sprayer or mix it with water base shampoos while cleaning the car and the upholstery. The presence of essential oils and natural aromatic essences ensures that the car smells good, even after days of cleaning. Moreover, our new range is so affordably priced that even car owners with the tightest of budgets can easily purchase them”, further added the executive.

Along with manufacturing and selling state-of-the-art car care products for car lovers all over the world, the company has also perfected its reverse engineering capabilities and hence can manufacture custom products according to the needs and requirements of the customer. In addition to car air fresheners, InstaFinish has a range of high quality car care products, such as car wax, car shampoo and degreasers and polish. For more information about the company and the best car air fresheners that it sells visit.

About InstaFinish:

InstaFinish is a reputed retailer and manufacturer of high quality car care products that include air fresheners, car cleaners, deodorizers, car wax, car shampoos and degreasers. To have a look at the company’s portfolio of products, visit.

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