New Book VIBRANT Talks on How to Achieve Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Balance

New Book VIBRANT Talks on How to Achieve Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Balance

Online PR News – 12-November-2013 – Oklahoma City, OK – Start slowly in exploring how to reapportion your life. Make changes gradually, but deliberately. Start living your life with intent. Be deliberate in how you choose to spend your day.
—R. Murali Krishna, Vibrant: To Heal and Be Whole (2012)

Dr. Krishna is president and chief operating officer of INTEGRIS Mental Health, that provides adult and child/adolescent mental health services in inpatient, residential, outpatient & clinical settings; an employee assistance program; and crisis intervention services. He is also co-founder and president of the James L. Hall, Jr. Center for Mind, Body and Spirit, an educational organization devoted to improving health through raising awareness of the healing power of the connection between mind, body, and spirit.

In DR. R. Murali Krishna's new book, "VIBRANT: To Heal and Be Whole From India to Oklahoma City," he talks on emotional, physical and spiritual balance.

a. Every person on this earth can find balance in life. Here are some questions to ask yourself in exploring your own balance.

* Do you feel you are accomplishing in your life what you want to accomplish?
* Are you neglecting certain areas of your life?
* Do you have inner peace?
* Are you wondering why you do what you do?
* Is there something lacking in your life? and much more

Ask yourself these questions honestly. Then sit down and take stock of your life. Inventory your time.

b. Creativity and spirituality go hand in hand. Reaching the creative part of our mind is attaining a level of spirituality

c. Start slowly in exploring how to reapportion your life. Make changes gradually, but deliberately.

d. Be present. If you reapportion your time but your mind is elsewhere, you are still out of balance. You have to learn to live in the moment.

e. We all have moments in life when we feel that life is great.

f. Even time at work can become more balanced. Recognize your role in the world. We all contribute to humanity. No matter what your job is, think about how you connect.

g. A balanced person is an adaptable person. Even from a physical standpoint, a person who is balanced can better fight off illness and disease.

h. Balance in itself is a journey. As we travel through life, we have to tweak our priorities.

Author of VIBRANT To Heal and Be Whole, From India to Oklahoma City, Dr. Krishna reveals the secrets to living a vibrant life while overcoming:

* Anxiety
* Trauma
* Sleep dysfunction
* Stress
* Obesity
* Emotional dysfunction
* Depression
* Addiction
* Substance abuse
* Loss
* Anger
* Unresolved issues
* Relationship stress
* Mental illness
* Alcoholism

Dr. Krishna’s book is inspiring and at the same time educational. His book is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, and other bookstores everywhere. It is also available in e-book format from Amazon. Proceeds from book sales will benefit the “Dr. R. Murali Krishna Family Eliminate the Stigma of Mental Illness Award Endowment Fund” through the INTEGRIS Foundation.

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About the Author
R. Murali Krishna, MD, DLFAPA is a psychiatric expert and pioneer in mind, body, spirit connection. His study of the brain has given him insight to the why of mental health and the how of living a healthy, vibrant life. Dr. Krishna’s mental health knowledge and experience is valuable and unique not only because of his extensive study and research of brain function, but also because of his true empathy. He has recently published his first book, VIBRANT: To Heal and Be Whole From India to Oklahoma City which he coauthored with Kelly Dyer Fry, president of news at OPUBCO.

R. Murali Krishna, MD, DLFAPA
* Co-Founder & President, James L. Hall, Jr Center for Mind, Body and Spirit
* President & COO, INTEGRIS Mental Health
* President, Oklahoma State Board of Health
* Founding President, Health Alliance for the Uninsured
* Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Univ. of OK Health Sciences Center

Dr. Krishna, an inspiring and engaging speaker, educates his audiences on the latest science in mental health and the healing power of the mind, body, spirit medicine connection. He is often interviewed by television and print news organizations for his expert opinion on mental and emotional health issues. For more information visit

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