SaniAllergy launches the first-of-its-kind online allergy solutions across region

Comfort is just a click away with world-class SaniAllergy solutions

Online PR News – 12-November-2013 – Dubai – SaniAllergy launches the first-of-its-kind online allergy solutions across region

• Comfort is just a click away with world-class SaniAllergy solutions

Saniservice, the leading indoor air quality specialist which provides safe and chemical-free A/C disinfection in the UAE, has announced the launch of SaniAllergy, the first-of-its-kind online store in the region that offers hypoallergenic lifestyle concept products that will go a long way in helping the rising number of allergy sufferers across the Middle East.

SaniAllergy offers bed encasements, which extend the most effective solution against dust mites, the principal allergens and other hypoallergenic solutions to improve the quality of life of those suffering from allergic symptoms across all age-groups. Hence, for those undergoing the agonizing allergies can now conveniently click on a mouse and access not only the solutions but also the issues surrounding the allergies, and ways to alleviate the impact.

SaniAllergy is an extension of service offered by Saniservice, which has been operational over the last five years and is one of the leading sanitisation company offering a unique and eco-friendly disinfection service using only chemical free bio disinfectants for the air conditioning systems and living areas across the homes and offices.

SaniAllergy also have engaged the expertise of Mr. Michael Loubser, Specialist Paediatrician, Clinical Immunologist/ Allergist, who is associated with the store in the capacity of a Scientific Advisor. is thus a one-stop destination for anything associated with allergies, be it products such as air purifiers or bio disinfectants as also the Hypoallergenic Bed by Pristine Bed – a service provided by Saniservice. This service is divided into two parts: First Saniservice completely disinfects the bed and then they encase both the mattresses and pillows to help prevent future dust mite infestations.

One of the unique facets of the online SaniAllergy website is that there are separate areas dedicated to adults and children. It furthermore features an ‘eNote Book’ – an extensive education resource composed of synthetic and practical information designed to help people understand the various issues surrounding allergies.

Paco Chanseau, Vice President of SaniAllergy, said: “Over the years, we realized for our customers that allergic symptoms were proving to be a major cause of concern and there was an increasing incidence of the same in the region. We were looking at providing a one-stop solution to this problem and the result was SaniAllergy. There are specific knowledge resources within the website, especially for children, who are among the highly affected with allergic symptoms.

He added: “The website provides the issues causing the dust allergies and other forms of symptoms, and the solutions to overcome the same. Our selection of proven products, as well as education and information tools can help people understand the issues more. Now, anyone can log into our SaniAllergy website and get all the solutions from the comforts of their home, at the click of a mouse button, any day and any time of the year. We even deliver the orders right to the doorstep for a totally hassle-free experience.”

SaniAllergy delivers its products throughout the Gulf region and delivery is available round-the-clock within the UAE, within two to three days across the Middle East and around three to four days internationally. “We will open different strategic stock point in the region to be closer to our customers and to provide them the best terms of shipment. Our overall objective is offer added value to our customers and to improve their quality of life,” he added.

A specialist in bed encasement, the fabrics selected by SaniAllergy, which are 100% cotton, are Zero noise, breathable and highly effective against dust mites, bed bugs and pet dander to counter allergy related symptoms.

About SaniAllergy:

SaniAllergy, the first hypoallergenic lifestyle concept in the Middle East, has been launched in a bid to help the rising rates of allergy sufferers region. Created by Sani Service (specialists of safe and chemical-free air conditioning unit disinfection), is an online retailer offering bed encasements and other hypoallergenic solutions, developed to improve quality of life for those struggling with allergy symptoms.

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