Launches Christian College Directory With Mission To Reduce Tuition Costs

Website has just launched with information about Christian colleges across the U.S. and a mission to reduce tuition costs for college students.

Online PR News – 11-November-2013 – BOISE, Ida. – BOISE, Ida. - A new website directory of Christian colleges and universities is launching today with a mission to educate parents and students on how to reduce tuition costs.

With the skyrocketing cost of a traditional college campus education, many home schooling families have applied their principles of self-study to the college experience for their high school students and graduates. Christian Universities is a resource for those students to evaluate their options for a Christian education, whether it is on a traditional campus, or through an established online degree program.

Website owner Kevin Harper is a parent of college-age teens himself, and says it is completely reasonable to equip college students to finish their Bachelor's Degree in half the time of their peers—or less.

"I have three college-age students, two of whom opted for the accelerated self-study approach. They are finishing their Bachelor's Degrees, one in Business Management, the other in Communications, far faster than their friends, and they'll graduate debt free," he says.

A believer in the Dave Ramsey approach to finances, Harper says he's made mistakes but is trying to help his kids learn from them and avoid being saddled by debt after graduating from college.

There are some degrees that simply have to be pursued more traditionally but most students and parents would be surprised at how many online degrees can be obtained largely through independent study and standardized for-credit tests.

He says this goal is far more within reach than most parents or students think.

"We've been conditioned to think that students have to go into tens of thousands of dollars of college debt in order to finish their degrees. Parents mortgage their homes to send their kids to universities where there is a culture of perpetual immaturity and irresponsibility," he says. "What are we thinking? It doesn't have to be like this!"

He says the bottom line is that college debt is a product marketed by financial institutions and politicians, and the American people have been the victims of billions of dollars of marketing over generations that have convinced them of the lie that a college education has to be shockingly expensive.

Harper contends that college costs have skyrocketed primarily because government programs and regulations have incentivized the rising cost of tuition.

"While most of society just accepts the sky-high cost of college, the home schooling community has put its ingenuity to work and come up with an alternative," he says. "It's possible for students to test out of most of their college coursework for most degrees, and simply finish up their online degree at an accredited college or university."

He says this takes planning and coordination, but there are coaching services that excel in helping students do this.

"Our website provides information on how students can put together a plan for college that avoids must of the cost, immaturity, and moral depravity of so many college campuses," Harper says.

He acknowledges that it's not for everyone.

"There are some degrees that simply have to be pursued more traditionally, but most students and parents would be surprised at how many online degrees can be obtained largely through independent study and standardized for-credit tests," he says.

About is a website devoted to helping Christian college students and prospective students to make informed decisions about their higher education. We provide information on many Christian colleges and universities around the country, and will be adding more over time. We also provide information on alternatives that can allow many Christian students to graduate debt free in half the time of their peers.
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